€100,000 HexaPro Jackpot Mania

The chance of landing the maximum 1,000x HexaPro multiplier is what makes this high-speed SNG game such a hit. 

Now, for a limited time, we’re multiplying the number of 1,000x multipliers by 10. That’s 32 more guaranteed 1,000x Jackpot HexaPro and HexaPro Banzai games worth a total of €100,000.

The Jackpots will be available at different buy-in levels (€1, €2, €5, €10, and €25) at different times and our countdown will show you where it will go next, you just have to be playing at the right time. There’s guaranteed to be one winner every 10,000 games, the closer the count gets to 10,000 the better your chances at landing the Jackpot!

How to play:


  • Open Poker via the client, the app or directly in your browser
  • Click the Jackpot Mania widget to see where and when the next Jackpot is guaranteed to hit
  • Go to the HexaPro Lobby and play on the active level to increase your chances of reaching a 1,000x multiplier jackpot
  • Keep an eye out on the countdown – as it counts down, your chances of a 1,000x multiplier go up.


Play HexaPro
Terms and Conditions
  • The promotion starts on August 24th at 00:00 UCT and continues until the last of the 32 HexaPro promotion jackpots have been won.
  • HexaPro promotion jackpots are available one at the time on different stakes. As soon as one jackpot falls, the next will be available.
  • The increased promotion jackpot probability only applies to one HexaPro buy-in level at a time. Both HexaPro and HexaPro Banzai will be considered.
  • Promotion jackpots are guaranteed to fall within a maximum of 10,000 games on each stake and may fall anywhere between 1-10,000 games.
  • Jackpots can be won on non-promotion stakes during this promotion. Non-promotion jackpots will fall according to normal probability.
  • Total value of promotion jackpots is €100,000.
  • Promotion jackpots will fall on the five lowest buy-in levels; €1, €2, €5, €10, €25.
  • There may be a delay in ‘the must go’ countdown timer.
  • General HexaPro game rules apply.
  • Prize distribution on a jackpot HexaPro game is: 1st 80%, 2nd 12% and 3rd 8%.
  • The aliases of the promotion jackpot winners can be used for marketing purposes.
  • Promotion jackpot table gameplay may be replayed with hole cards shown.
  • Certain markets may be restricted from taking part in this promotion.
  • We reserve the right to change the promotion at any time.
  • General Unibet terms and conditions apply.
  • Last update of Terms and Conditions: 20/08/2020 00:00