Simpon's Stream Satellites

Join a low-stakes satellite with Ian Simpson and see if you can humble a Unibet legend! 

Participate in Simpson’s Twitch stream to get a Freeroll password, or buy-in at €1. It’s the only way in, even for our esteemed ambassador!  

Then play for a seat in the 5th July final, where you can win valuable tickets and ‘last longer’ prizes.

With no buy-ins to the final, it’s a rare chance to take out a big name for great rewards!

 How it works:

  • Participate in Simpson’s Twitch stream for Freeroll password, or buy in at €1. 
  • Then play your way to the final on 5th July - no direct buy-ins.
  • A seat in the final must be won via the satellite route – even for Simpson! 


Buy-in now
Mon 8th JuneTue 9th JuneWed 10th JuneThu 11th JuneFri 12th JuneSat 13th JuneSun 14th June
OFF6pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: €0>€16pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: €1>€5
OFF8pm: €0>€1OFF8pm: €1>€58pm: €1>€5OFF8pm: €5>€25
Mon 15th JuneTue 16th JuneWed 17th JuneThu 18th JuneFri 19th JuneSat 20th JuneSun 21st June
OFF6pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: €0>€16pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: €1>€5
OFF8pm: €0>€1OFF8pm: €1>€58pm: €1>€5OFF8pm: €5>€25
Mon 22nd JuneTue 23rd JuneWed 24th JuneThu 25th JuneFri 26th JuneSat 27th JuneSun 28th June
OFF6pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: €0>€16pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: €1>€5
OFF8pm: €0>€1OFF8pm: €1>€58pm: €1>€5OFF8pm: €5>€25
Mon 29th JuneTue 30th JuneWed 1st JulyThu 2nd JulyFri 3rd JulySat 4th JulySun 5th July
OFF6pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: €0>€16pm: €0>€1OFF6pm: NONE
OFF8pm: €0>€1OFF8pm: €1>€58pm: €5>€25OFF8pm: FINAL



Freeroll, password required, turbo format, password issued on stream only. €50 of €1 route tickets prize pool.

€1>€5 - 

€1 entry, cash or specific ticket buy-in, turbo format, 10x €5 tickets added.

€5>€25 - 

€5 entry, specific ticket only buy-in, decent format, 2 x €25 tickets added (*except Friday 3rd July will have 6x €25 tickets added, as no stream value given away on Sunday).


€25 buy-in specific ticket only buy-in, no GTD, decent format (1x rebuy with ticket only).    .

Terms and Conditions
  • Promotion runs from 23:01 UTC on Monday 8th of June until 22:59 UTC on Sunday 5th July 2020.
  • Entry to the Freeroll tournaments is via password daily given out via Ian Simpson’s Twitch stream. No other entry option is available.
  • Entry to the €1 level is via cash or ticket won at the Freeroll level.
  • Entry to the €5 level is via ticket only won from the €1 level.
  • Entry to the €25 final is via ticket only won from the €5 level.
  • Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-transferable.
  • All Simpson’s Stream Satellite tickets will expire at 22:59 UTC on Sunday 5th of July. Players should not play to win tickets they will not use, as no alternative value will be offered for any reason.
  • Ian Simpson’s Twitch Stream can be found here:
  • The last longer is open only to players who use the special emote in the Twitch chat.
  • Players from SE, DK and BE cannot participate in the last longer portion of this promotion in line with licensing requirements.
  • Players from all countries may take part in the Satellite route, but please note, the language of communication on the Twitch stream is English only.
  • Unibet Poker takes no responsibility for Ian Simpson’s on stream tilt at any time.
  • Unibet reserve the right to cancel, withdraw or amend any part or all of this promotion at any time.
  • All standard terms and conditions of Unibet Online Poker Room apply at all times.
  • All standard terms and conditions of Unibet apply at all times.
  • Last update of Terms and Conditions : 05/06/2020 00:01