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How to Bet on College Basketball 

Are you new to the world of online sports betting?
Wondering how you can bet on college basketball?
You can bet on the NCAAB in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if betting on college basketball is legal in your state

Online College Basketball betting is legal in most states where online sports betting is legal and regulated.
But some states may not allow you to bet on college basketball or other college sports.
Unibet is a licensed to offer our customers legal college basketball betting in six states.

Step 2 Vist a college basketball betting site or download a NCAAB betting app

If you’re sure that college basketball betting is legal in your state it's time to move on to step two.
Check out a legal college basketball betting site like Unibet and get a feel for the latest college basketball odds and betting offers.
On Unibet you'll also find our NCAAB betting app on our website.
Betting apps make it easier for you to bet on live college basketball games while you're watching the game.

Step 3 Sign Up

You can check out the latest college basketball betting lines and odds for free on your favorite sportsbook.
But If you want to place a bet, you need to sign up and make a quick deposit.
Your deposits are usually processed instantly on Unibet.
You can sign up with Unibet in less than 90 seconds and grab a $500 RISK FREE BET! 

Step 4 Place your bet!

Now you're all set and ready to go.
Place your bet on your favorite college basketball game and enjoy the game!

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How does online College basketball betting work?

The NBA draws in the biggest viewing figures but most of those players have gone through the College system.
The NBA draft is the gateway to the pro leagues and it draws huge viewing figures.
There is great interest in College Basketball on Unibet.

When it comes to betting on college basketball you just need to know two things:

  1. What are College Basketball Odds and how do they work
  2. The different types of bets in college basketball betting

What are College basketball odds and how do they work?

College Basketball betting odds tell you two things:

  1.  The probability of the event that you’ll bet on during an NCAAB game or season.
  2. The payout you will receive if your bet is successful.

Here’s what betting odds look like for NCAAB games:

College basketball odds

These odds are also called vegas odds, money lines or betting lines.
The team with the minus (-) odds are the favorites.
In our example, that’s Michigan with odds of -162.
You need to bet $162 on Michigan to win $100.

The team with the plus (+) odds are the underdogs.
In our example, that’s Indiana with odds of +133.
If you drop a 100 bucks on Indiana you’ll win an extra $133 plus the $100 you bet on them.

If you convert these college basketball betting lines into probabilities each team has the following win probability:

  • Michigan 61.8%
  • Indiana 42.9%

Betting on the underdog can get you a better payout.
That’s because the underdog is a riskier bet as you can tell from our example above.

You don’t always have to bet $100.
We used this number to help you understand how betting odds work in college basketball.

Public betting in College basketball

Ever heard of the term “public betting”?
Public betting is another way of saying what’s the popular pick for college basketball bet.
The public betting option is the favorite during a college basketball game.
When you choose to run with the popular betting pick you bet with the public.
If you choose to run with unpopular option you’re betting against the public.
Upsets are common in the NCAAB and sometimes betting against the public makes sense.
That’s because you can walk off with a bigger payout if the underdog pulls off an upset.

Different Types of College Basketball Bets

#1  College basketball Moneylines

The bet that we’ve just looked at is called the ‘Moneyline’.
If you’re just starting out with college basketball betting, this is the place to begin.
It may not be the easiest call but it’s a simple question, who will win?
Listen to the public and follow Unibet’s odds.
Make sure you do your research when you’re trying to make your pick for a college basketball moneyline.

#2 College Basketball Spreads

A spread is a bet on a winning margin in an NCAAB game.
We’re going to show you how spread betting works in college basketball with an example:

College basketball point spread bet

It’s a local battle between the Texas Longhorns and Texas Christian University.
The point spread for college basketball game is the margin by which the favorite is supposed to win by.
The point spread for this NCAAB game has been set at 5.5.
Team with the (-) minus spread number are the favorites
The -5.5 on Texas Longhorns means that the Longhorns are the favorites for this college basketball spread bet.
This means that the oddsmakers expect the Longhorns to win by at least 6 or more points.
If the favorites win by this margin, they cover the spread.

If you drop a bet on TCU for this college basketball game, you’ll be betting against the spread.
Betting against the spread is another way of saying you’re betting on the underdog for a college basketball spread bet.
The team with the plus (+) spread is the underdog.
In our example think of TCU starting out with an advantage of +5.5 points.
If you bet on TCU they need to either win the game or lose the game by fewer than 6 points for you to win this spread bet on this NCAAB game.

The green circle at the foot of that image is a slider.
You can adjust the spread by moving it from left to right and set your own spread for this college basketball game.
This freedom to set your own line is called a teaser.
You can use teasers for many other college basketball bets.

#3 Over Under Bets in College Basketball 

An over under bet in college basketball is also called a total points bet.
All you need to do here is predict whether the total points scored during an NCAAB game will be over or under a certain number.

Check out this example of an over under bet in a college basketball game between the Longhorns and TCU:

Over under bet in NCAAB

The line for this total points bet in this NCAAB game is set at 125.
If you bet on over 125, you’ll win the bet if over 126 or more points are scored.
If you bet on under 125, you’ll win if the less than 125 points are scored.
Not a big fan of those (-) minus odds?
No biggie.
Use our teasers to change the line for this NCAAB total points bet on Unibet:

Over Under bets in NCAAB college basketball

We’ve done this one for you by moving the slider and settling on 129.
Now we have got some good odds for over 129.
Bet Over the line and you’ll collect at +143 if at least 130 points are scored during this college basketball game.

Before we move on, we need to talk about one outcome in a total points bet in college basketball.

If the same number of points are scored as the line for an NCAAB game, you’ll get a push.
In our example, if the total points are 129, you have a push.
When you get a push in an over under bet, you get your money back.

#4 Prop Bets in College Basketball 

Wondering what’s college basketball prop bet? A prop is short for proposition and it’s a bet on an event that could happen within an NCAAB game.
There are two kinds of college basketball props:

NCAAB Game Props

These are the props bets on events that can happen during an NCAAB game. Some game props you’ll see in a typical a college basketball game are:

● Highest scoring quarter
● Total Points - Odd or Even
● Total Points by either team

Player Props in College Basketball

It’s all about the players in these props for NCAAB games.
Here are some popular player props In college basketball games:

● Total Points
● Total Assists
● Total Rebounds

College basketball athletes will be listed in each of these player prop bets.
These work in a similar way to the Overs and Unders.
You’ll see a line and it’s up to you to bet Over or Under that line.

#5 College Basketball Parlays 

A College basketball parlay is a big bet that you build with multiple betting picks.
You can build a parlay in a single NCAAB game or you can build a multi-game parlay by making your picks across many college basketball games.
Each betting pick in a parlay is called a leg.

2 Leg College Basketball parlay

Our first pick for this parlay is a moneyline bet on TCU.
Our second pick for this parlay is an over under bet on over 129 points.

Let’s check out a parlay across multiple NCAAB games.
Here’s an example of a 3 Leg College Basketball Parlay:

3 leg NCAAB Parlay

We’ve backed TCU, Indiana and Providence all to win.
You might agree or you might think we’ve lost our minds - it really doesn’t matter.
It’s just an example showing odds and what you might win.

What else do you need to know about building parlays in the NCAAB?
The most important thing is that all of your picks for the parlays need to bet winners.
If all three of those moneyline picks in the NCAAB come home, you collect a profit.
If one or more fails to land, the bet is lost.
A parlay increases potential profits but those higher odds come with a higher risk.

NCAAB parlay promos and offers 
Looking for some offers on your college basketball parlay picks?
Check out our parlay offers on Unibet and use it for your next NCAAB parlay!

Boost your cash with our parlay boosts!*

*Bonuses may differ by region.Terms & conditions apply. 21+

#5 College Basketball Future Bets 

A Futures bet in college basketball betting is an event that can happen at the end of the NCAAB season.
The most obvious of these is the NCAAB Champion.
Before an NCAAB season starts, a futures bet for the overall winner will show up on college basketball betting site like Unibet.

Make your picks for future bets in the NCAAB wisely and try to get in early.
As the NCAAB the season picks steam you might see the odds shrink.
College basketball futures could also be in place for draft picks but it’s mainly about the teams.

College Basketball Betting Tips And Strategies

#Tip 1: College Basketball Public Betting: Don’t be afraid to bet against the public

The public can’t be right 100% of the time.
Favorites will never win every game but they should come through at a higher rate. Look at those NCAAB odds and compare the favorite to the underdog.
What are the public saying about the most likely outcomes?

Now you have to decide whether the public has got it right.
Do you bet with or against them?
There’s only one way to make a decision - do some research.

Take a look at:

  • Form
  • Head to head results
  • Home court advantage
  • Injuries or absence that weaken one or both teams

That’s some of the basic intel you need to check out before you make your betting picks for a college basketball game or if you're betting on March Madness.

#Tip 2: Pick your college basketball parlays carfully!

College basketball parlays come with CRAZY odds.
They also come with a high risk.

You can land some high returns on a NCAAB parlay but you can also loose big time if one of your picks is a doozy.
Make sure your research is air tight when you’re making your picks for your college basketball parlays!

#Tip 3: Grab your college basketball betting promos!

At Unibet we got your back.
That’s when you sign up with us you can get a free bet on us!
Feel free to use your free bet on college basketball games.
We also have some limited time college basketball betting offers and promos on our website.

Make sure you check them out!
If you sign up to receive our promotions on your email you can get some kickass personalized betting offers.
If we see that you like to indulge in college basketball betting we might hit you up with promos for college basketball betting!

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