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March Madness Betting Guide How to bet on March Madness online

Are you new to betting on college sports?
Wondering how you can bet on March Madness?
You can bet on the March Madness in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if you can legally bet on March Madness

If you live in a state where online sports betting is legal you should be able to bet on March Madness.
But every state has it’s own regulations so we recommend you to double check your intel.
You can legally bet on March Madness on our licensed online sportsbooks across the US.

Step 2 Visit a March Madness betting site or download a betting app for March Madness

If betting on March Madness games is legal in your state it's time to move on to step two.
Check out a March Madness betting site like Unibet and get a feel for the latest March Madness betting lines and odds.
At Unibet you'll also find our app where you can bet on college ball games during March Madness.
Betting apps make it easier for you to bet on live games during March Madness because you can watch the game on TV while checking out live March Madness odds!

Step 3 Sign Up

You can check out the latest March Madness odds and betting lines for free on online sportsbooks.
But If you want to place a bet, you need to sign up and make a quick deposit.
Your deposits are usually processed instantly on Unibet.
You can sign up with Unibet in less than 90 seconds and grab a $500 RISK FREE BET!

Step 4 Place your first basketball bet!

Now you're all set and ready to go.
Place your bets and enjoy all the action during March Madness!

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How does march madness betting work?

If you know how college basketball betting works you shouldn’t have a hard time betting on March Madness.
We recommend you to check out our March madness betting tips in that case.
If you’re a greenhorn when it comes to online betting in the US then stick around.
We’ll give you a quick 101 on how March Madness betting works and sports betting works.

When it comes to betting on March Madness there’s just two things you need to know about:

1. What are betting Odds and how do they work during March Madness?
2. The different types of March Madness bets.

What are betting odds and how do odds work during March Madness?

Betting odds tell you two things:

The probability of an outcome
1. The probability of an outcome
2. The payout you will receive for a winning bet

Let’s deal with the probability part first with an example.

March Madness Moneyline bet

This is what betting odds for a typical march madness game would look like.
Indiana and Wyoming face off in the March Madness East Region.
The minus (-) sign tells us that Indiana are the favorites for this game.
The numbers, in this case 186, mean that you need to bet $186 to win $100.

What about Wyoming?
The + (sign) means that they are the underdog.
The +150 for Wymoming means that you will win $150 for every 100 Bucks you bet.
Your total payout would be your win amount plus your bet amount.
So if you dropped a hundo on Wyoming you’d get back $100 + $150 for a total payout of $250.

As you can see, betting on the underdog gets you a bigger payout!

You don’t always have to bet $100 or $186.
We used those numbers just to show you how betting odds will work when you bet on March Madness games.
You can choose the size of your bet and we’ll run the numbers on our bet slip for you!

March Madness Public Betting

The odds setters at Unibet are ultimately responsible for those numbers.
But, we’ll be honest here - they had a little help.
If you’ve not heard the terms ‘betting with the public’ or ‘betting against the public’ we’ll bring you up to speed.
The weight of public opinion influences the markets.

If most of the money is backing Indiana, they will be the favorites.
You now need to decide whether the public have called it right or if they are making as much sense as a Super Bowl halftime show.
The public’s betting pick for a march madness game will give you a smaller payout than betting against the public.

March madness bets and March Madness Betting options

On Unibet we're all about options.
Here are all the different types of bets when you're betting on March Madness games:

#1 March Madness Moneylines

We’ve already seen this one.
A March Madness Moneyline bet is a bet where you predict the winner of the game you choose to bet on during March Madness.
In our experience many customers find this to be the easiest bet to place.
If you're new to betting we recommend making a moneyline as your first bet.

#2 March Madness Points Spreads

Let's go back to that Indiana vs Wyoming game to see what a march madness points spread looks like:

March madness Points Spread Think of a spread bet on the as a winning margin.
The margin or line has been set at four for this March Madness game.
In our example, Indiana needs to cover the spread for you to win.
That means they have to score more points than the line for this  game.
If Indiana win by more than four points you win the bet.
If that bet’s a winner, you'll get need to bet $110 to win an $100.

March Madness Teasers

If odds of -110 don’t get you hyped up, we got a cool feature for you!
Did you see the green circle at the bottom of that image?
Take another quick look:

That’s a slider and you can move it from left to right and change the spread and get better odds.

This freedom to set your own spread is called a teaser.
You can use teasers to get better odds for other March Madness bets.

#3 March Madness over under bets

An over under is also called a total points bet.
The point of this bet is to guess how many total points will be scored on the March Madness game you decide to bet on.

Just like a points spread, we'll set a line for this over under bet.
All you need to to is bet on whether the total points will be either:

  • Over the line
  • Under the line

Here's what an over under looks like during March Madness:

March Madness Over Under

The points line has been set at 131.5.
If you bet on over 131.5 you'll win if the total points are over 132.
If you bet on Under 131.5, you'll win if the total points during the games are under 131.
You can use our teasers for over-under bets as well.
Let's make the most of them and get some crazy March Madness odds!

March madness over unders odds

We used the teaser to shift the points line to 135 for this March Madness showdown.
If Indiana and Wyoming score 136 points or more, winning bets pay at +133.

But what if there’s exactly 135 points; what happens then?
If any points total falls right on the line, the bet is declared a ‘push’.
You won’t win and you get your money back.

#4 March Madness prop bets

A Prop is short for proposition.
Think of these as side bets when you're betting on march madness.
You’ll find two types of prop bets on our March Madness betting site:

March Madness game props

These are prop bets you’ll find in a March Madness game you’ll be betting on.

Here are some examples:

  • Total Number of Points - will they be odd or even?
  • Highest Scoring Quarter
  • Total Points Scored by one team

March Madness Player Props

These are prop bets based around individual players during a March Madness game.
Here are some examples of March Madness player props you’ll find while betting on March Madness on Unibet:

  • Total Points
  • Total Rebounds
  • Total Assists

Finding Props for March Madness is easy on Unibet.
When you click on the game that interests you, just scroll down.
Keep going, past the moneyline, spread and overs and unders.
Game and Player prop options will show up.
Check out the odds and make your prop picks for you march madness game!

#5 March Madness Parlays

When you’re betting on March Madness you can combine many different bets into one big bet.
These are called Parlays.
Each bet in a parlay is called a leg.
On Unibet, you can build anywhere from a 2 leg to 12 leg March Madness parlay!
Like those props, parlays can be split into two types.
You can parlay bets on a single march madness game or you can spread it over two or more march madness games.

Here’s a possible single game march madness parlay:

2 leg march madness parlay

We kept it simple with this one and built a 2 leg single-game parlay.
In the game between Bryant and Wright State, we’ve gone for Wright State to win and bet on Over 156 points to be scored.

The bet slip calculates the odds and it also tells you how much you will be paid if the bet wins. We’ve chosen dropped 10 bucks on this march madness parlay.
With odds of +300, we’d win 30 bucks plus our $10 investment.

But what if we want to look at more than one march madness game?
Here’s a 3 leg parlay option from the same game week:

3 Leg March Madness Parlay

We’ve kept the faith with Wright State and added Colorado and Boise.
The odds for three selections to win are +732.
For our $10, we will win $83.17 if all three colleges win.

That’s the important point with a parlay.
If the bet is to pay out, all your picks must be winners.
In our example, if Wright and Boise get over the line but Colorado fail, we lose our parlay.

March Madness parlay promos and offers!

Looking for some offers on your March Madness parlay picks?
Check out our parlay offers on Unibet and use it for your next March Madness parlay!

Boost your cash with our parlay boosts!*

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#5 March Madness Future Bets 

A futures bet is a long term bet.
At the beginning of March, you’ll find betting options for the outright winner of the Division 1 title.
Other basketball competitions may offer alternatives but with March Madness, it’s all about the winning team.

Here’s a top tip: The longer march madness odds appear at the start of the month.
As the teams go deeper into the tournament, their numbers will shorten.
So the bigger payouts can come when you stake early.
As a counterbalance, there is a long way to go when March first comes in.

March Madness Betting Tips And Strategies

There’s no sure fire way to win but you can tilt those march madness odds in your favor.
We got your back on Unibet so we’re gonna share with you some of March Madness betting tips!

#Tip 1: Ask the Public but Answer to Yourself

What does the public think?
It’s worth asking the question because they are influencing those march madness betting lines and odds!
They’ve had a look at the game and have installed one team as favorite.
That team should have a higher chance of winning based on stats that we’ll look at.
Your job is to decide if the public has got it right.

#Tip 2: Do the Research

Your own research can back up or disprove that public view.
Here are some things to think of when you’re betting on March Madness online:

● Form
● Head to Heads
● Home Court Advantages
● Team News

Form can be the best indicator.
Is your team on a hot streak of wins or has a run of losses that has left them in poor shape?
What about any head-to-head results from the regular season?
Does one team usually come out on top?

Results on the road and at home should be compared.
It’s easy to find stats telling you if a team is stronger at home or away.
Use this intel to decide if there is any home-court advantage.

Finally, a word on team news: It’s a long season and March Madness sees a lot of games packed into a tight schedule.
Injuries and other absences can weaken any roster so be sure to keep up with latest updates.

#Tip 3: Make your parlay picks carefully during March Madness!

Parlay bets during March Madness give you some sweet returns but they will also increase your risk.
If one of your parlay picks is a doozie you’ll lose that parlay.
That begs the question When is the best time to use a parlay during March Madness?

It will always be your decision: Maybe you want to take parlay bets on the favorites.
If there are short odds on single bets, maybe this is the time to stake a multi-leg parlay to increase those numbers.

This is where you’re research skills will come in handy.
If you’re getting behind an underdog to get better odds as your parlay pick during March Madness make sure you’ve got good intel for that pick.

#Tip 4: Check out our March Madness Betting Promos and Offers!

On Unibet, we’re crazy about the odds!
But there are other ways that help you get a bang for your buck when you’re betting March Madness with us- betting promos and offers!

When you sign up with us, you get a $500 risk free bet!
You can choose to use your free bet during March Madness.

We also come out with limited-time March Madness betting offers, that you can check out on our betting sites.

If you decide to sign up for email offers, we’ll send you some personalized promos for betting on March Madness.
So make sure you sign up for yours!

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*New players only. Bonuses may differ by region.Terms & conditions apply. 21+