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College Football Betting 101 How to bet on the NCAAF online

If you are a football fan you know that College Football is HUGE in the United States.
Since 2018, a lot of states have started to legalize sports betting.
You’re probably wondering how you can be part of the action and bet on the College Football too.
Here's how you can bet on the College Football in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if online College Football betting is legal in your state

Football betting is legal in most states where online sports betting is legal.

This means you can bet on the College Football if online sports betting is legal in your state.

Legislations may vary between states, so we recommend you to check what forms of betting are legal in your state.

Licensed betting sites like Unibet will offer you the chance to bet on the College Football if it's legal in your state.

Step 2 Visit a College Football betting site or download a College Football betting app

Now that you are 100% sure that College Football betting is legal in your state it's time to move on to step two.

Visit a legal College Football betting site like Unibet and check out the odds and betting offers.

At Unibet you'll also find our betting app on our website.

Betting apps make it easier for you to bet on live College Football games while you're watching the game.

Step 3 Sign up

You can check out the latest College Football odds and betting lines for free on online sportsbooks.

But If you want to place a bet, you need to sign up and make a quick deposit.

Your deposits are usually processed instantly on Unibet.

You can sign up with Unibet in less than 90 seconds and grab a $500 risk free bet when you sign up with us.

Step 4 Place your bet

Now you're all set and ready to go.
Place your bets and enjoy the game!

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How Does College Football Betting Work?

The Colleges aren’t just there to produce the next generation of NFL stars. The system offers great entertainment in its own right. Stadiums are full and viewing figures are impressive for the big college games.

College football betting is also popular on our sportsbook. Unibet have lots of choice here so let’s see what’s available.

We’ll kick off with two questions:

  1. What are College Football odds and how do I read them?
  2. What College Football bets are listed at Unibet?

How do College Football odds work and how do I read them?

We’ll work through both of those, starting with odds. They are here to tell us two things.

  • The probability of an event happening such as one team winning
  • The payout of a winning bet

Probability is best underlined with an example:

This is an actual college football game and the bet appeared on our sportsbook. Louisiana face Georgia Tech and each has different odds next to their name. With the minus prefix, Georgia are the favorites.

Louisiana’s odds of +255 are longer and this means they are the underdog.

We’ve instantly dealt with probability. Georgia Tech has the lowest odds and that tells us that they have a better chance of winning. The favorites don’t always win but this is probability in action.

What about that second question about payments? The specific numbers here tell us how much we will be paid.

If you were to bet on Louisiana and they were to win, a stake of $100 returns $255. For Georgia Tech, a bet of $355 returns 100 Dollars if they win.

The stakes here are a guide: You can bet what you want within minimum and maximum levels.

What College Football Betting Options are Available?

You’ve just seen the match result bet. This is known as the Moneyline and it’s a good place to start. While it may not always be easy to pick the winner, the question is simple. Which team will win?

After that, there’s a lot more to get through.

#1 Points Spread Betting in College Football

A Point Spread might always be called a Winning Margin bet. In football, the line is generally set at 1.5 points. In order for your chosen team to payout, they must win the game by at least two points.

In the above bet, Tennessee are favorites at -139 to win by two clear points. They will pay $139 for every $100 staked if that bet is successful.

You can also back Oklahoma in this example. At odds of +114, they will pay out if they win the game or lose by just a solitary point.

Points Spread betting is a way of changing up the odds. If you feel a team is much stronger, odds can increase but remember that they must beat the spread to pay out.

#2 Total Points Bets in NCAAF betting

This is one of the most popular bets for NFL and it’s listed for College Football too. The clue is in the name: It’s a bet on how many points will be scored in the game.

Don’t worry, you don't have to guess exactly. Unibet will set a line and it’s your task to bet Over or Under that line.

Let’s say that the Total Points line is set at 45.5. Those that stake Over the line will win if there are at least 46 points in the game. If there are 44 points or fewer, bets Under the line will pay out.

#3 Prop bets in College football

A prop is a type of side bet, it’s short for proposition and we are ‘proposing’ that something might happen in the game. There may be fewer props in college football than in the NFL but there will be availability for the bigger games.

Typical props may include:

  • WHighest Scoring Quarter
  • Scorer of the First Touchdown

To find them, scroll down past the main bets and look at the drop down menus.

#4 Parlays in the College Football betting

Just a second - what’s a Parlay? It’s a multiple bet with at least two selections. How does it work? All of the picks need to win if the bet is going to pay out.

Here’s an example:

This is called a single game parlay because both bets are from the same match. We’re looking for Georgia to beat Louisiana and we want Over 45.5 points.

Odds are shown. When you type in the amount you want to bet, the potential payout appears so you know what’s at stake. Remember, both picks need to win.

Here’s a different type of Parlay.

This is a 3-leg parlay covering three different college football games. We’ve stayed with the Moneyline bet to keep things simple.

In this example, we’ve gone for UCLA, Arkansas and Georgia Tech all to win. Our total odds of +174 are shown. When we type in a stake the potential payout will also show. When that happens, the Place Bet button turns yellow.

If you’re happy with it, click on that yellow button and the bet will be riding.

If you manage to win this 7 leg NFL parlay you’d win $1364.94 from a $10 bet.

#5 Futures in College Football betting

Grab your crystal ball and look into the future. This is a long term bet on events that take place across the season.

For College Football, this will focus on the winner of the Championships. To find these bets, click on the football page and open the Futures tab.

The full list of options might include:

  • NCAAF Championship Winners

  • Conference Winners

  • Winner of the Heisman Trophy

Tips and Strategies for College Football Betting

We’ve been providing our customers the option of betting on college football games since 1997 and we’d like to share with you some intel that could help you get an edge when you’re betting on NCAAF games. We cannot guarantee you winners, but we can offer some advice that might give you an edge.

Tip #1 Look at the Majority View

When you’re betting on college football games we suggest that you start by asking what the public are saying. Remember the public uses probability to identify a favorite and an underdog. You may decide that they’ve got it right and that the favorite is going to win.

The alternative is to bet against the public by showing your support for the underdog. You can quickly make that decision if you wish but we suggest crunching numbers to help come to a conclusion.

Tip #2 Carrying out your own Research

We suggest coming to your own decisions when you’re betting on NCAAF games. Whether it’s Moneyline, Points Spread, Futures or anything else, there is some vital research to be carried out.

We suggest looking at:

Form: What are the teams’ respective results coming into the game? Form guides tend to cover the last six matches.

Head-to-Head Results: Some teams can have a tendency to perform well against a certain set of opponents. Take a look at any recent Head-to-Head results between the two teams on show.

Home Field Advantage: Take a look at home field results compared to those on the road. There may be trends and patterns that can help moving forward.

Injuries and Absences: Any missing players will weaken a roster so make sure you check for team news.

Tip #3 Choose your type of College Football bet

What type of bettor are you? If you’re just starting out then you may not know the answer yet. To start with, we recommend the Moneyline bet. It’s easier to understand and is all about picking a winner.

As you become experienced, consider the other options. Points Spread, Futures and Prop Betting require more of that analysis that we were talking about.

Further down the line, NCAAF Parlays can come out to play. We’ve seen how College football Parlays can increase the odds. The counterbalance is the fact that they carry higher exposure. Only one pick has to fail for the bet to be lost.

It’s worth taking that time to decide which bets you’ll be happier with.

Tip #4 Consider Futures Early

Futures bets in the NCAAF are open right up until the winner is decided . That could take it down to the very last game of the season. By that time, odds on the best performing teams will be very short.

In contrast, longer odds will be in place at the start of the campaign. Once again, it’s a balance: An early Futures bet is more speculative. If that team gets out of the blocks early, their odds will shorten.

If you are considering a Futures bet, keep these mechanics in mind.

Tip #5 Be Notified About Unibet’s Offers and Promotions for College football betting!

We always offer value at Unibet. Our platform offers competitive odds across all college football betting options. You can also enhance that value by checking in for offers and promotions. These will vary but can typically include price boosts, free bets and matched bonus funds.

You mustn’t miss out so be sure to opt in for notifications. If you don’t want to be notified, you can still keep in touch by checking the promotions tab.
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