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NFL Betting 101 How to bet on the NFL online

If you are a football fan you know that NFL is HUGE in the United States.
Since 2018, a lot of states have started to legalize sports betting.
You’re probably wondering how you can be part of the action and bet on the NFL too.
Here's how you can bet on the NFL in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if online nfl betting is legal in your state

Football betting is legal in most states where online sports betting is legal.

This means you can bet on the NFL if online sports betting is legal in your state.

Legislations may vary between states, so we recommend you to check what forms of betting are legal in your state.

Licensed betting sites like Unibet will offer you the chance to bet on the NFL if it's legal in your state.

Step 2 Visit an NFL betting site or download an NFL betting app

Now that you are 100% sure that NFL betting is legal in your state it's time to move on to step two.

Visit a legal NFL betting site like Unibet and check out the odds and betting offers.

At Unibet you'll also find our betting app on our website.

Betting apps make it easier for you to bet on live NFL games while you're watching the game.

Step 3 Sign up

You can check out the latest NFL odds and betting lines for free on online sportsbooks.

But If you want to place a bet, you need to sign up and make a quick deposit.

Your deposits are usually processed instantly on Unibet.

You can sign up with Unibet in less than 90 seconds and grab a $500 risk free bet when you sign up with us.

Step 4 Place your bet

Now you're all set and ready to go.
Place your bets and enjoy the game!

Unibet's sports betting app in the US
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How Does NFL Betting Work?

There are two things you need to know if you’re new to NFL betting:

  1. NFL betting odds and how do they work
  2. The different types of NFL bets

What are NFL odds and how do odds work in the NFL

NFL odds on online sportsbooks or betting apps they tell you two things:

  • The probability of the outcome according to the oddsmaker
  • How much you stand to win if you place a bet on that outcome

NFL odds look something like this in your typical online sportsbook in the US:

NFL Moneyline Odds

These NFL odds are also called moneyline odds or vegas odds.

The team with the plus (+) sign is the underdog.
The number next to it shows you how much money you can win if you bet $100 on this team.
In our example, you'd would win $255 for every $100 you bet on the Browns.

The team with the minus(-) sign is the underdog.
The number next to it tells you how much you would need to bet to win $100.
In our example, you'd have to bet $355 on the Packers to win $100.

You can convert these NFL odds into probabilities to check the oddsmaker's prediction for each event.
If you convert the +255 odds for the Browns you end up with a 28.2% chance for a Browns victory.
Meanwhile the Packers with odds of -355 have a 78% probability of winning the game.

As you can see, the underdogs have higher payouts.
This is where NFL public betting comes in.

What is NFL public betting?

Public betting in the NFL means which side is more likely to win according to the NFL fans.
In our example you can see that the Packers are the favorites.
Oddsmakers give you lower odds on the favorites because they expect most people to bet on the favorites.

Many people advise you to go against the NFL public betting option because you can reel in a lot more money if the underdog wins!
Keep in mind though that in some games where both teams are equally matched you might come across NFL betting lines where both teams have a minus (-) in their odds.

Now that you know how NFL odds work, it's time for all the different types of NFL bets you'll find on Unibet.

The Different types of NFL bets

Everyone loves choices.
We bet you do too.
You probably might’ve come across terms like “NFL spreads”,”NFL parlays” and “NFL props” and found yourself being overwhelmed by all that info.
That’s why we’ll try to get walk you through all the different NFL bets so that you’ll be ready to make your own NFL betting picks!

#1 NFL Moneylines

NFL moneylines are the easiest NFL bets out there.
You’ll usually see the favorite with minus (-) odds and the underdog with (+) odds.
The underdogs will have better odds and give you a higher payout.
Pick your winner and place your bet!

#2 NFL Spreads

NFL spreads are estimations by oddmakers about the margin of points a team will win the game by.
This is what an NFL spreads look like:

NFL spreads

The +5.5 means that the oddsmakers believe that the Seahawks are favorites to win the game with a margin of 5.5 or more points.
The Rams are on the other hand are the underdogs because they have minus (-) odds.

How NFL Spread betting works

You can move the sliders around to set and bet on your own NFL spread.
You can also click on the "show list" button to see an entire list of spreads for the game and place your bets.
This freedom to set your own spreads are NFL teaser bets.

You can use teasers bets for other bets as well like over/under NFL bets. More on that later…
There are four outcomes when it comes to spread betting:

  1. Your team wins by more points than the margin.
    You win! In our example the spread is 5.5 so you team needs to win by a margin of at least 6 points.
    If your team manages to do this they have covered the spread.
  2. Your team wins by the exact margin.
    You break even and get your money back.
    This outcome is only possible when the spread is a whole number like a 3 or 4 instead of a 3.5 or 4.5
  3. Your team loses.
    You lose your bet. 
  4. Your team wins with a lower points margin than.
    You lose the bet because your team failed to cover the spread.

#3 NFL Over/Under bets

Over/under bets in NFL look something like this on betting sites like Unibet:

Over Under Bet in football

In over/under bets you bet on the whether the total score will be over or under a certain number.
In this example you bet on whether the points in the NFL game will be over 52  or under 52.
If the total points during the game are exactly 52, you break even and get your money back.

You can also get over/under bets in decimals like 52.5.
In that case, your team would need to score 53 or more points if you bet on over 52.5.
You can use the teasers to set your own over/under bets in a legal NFL betting site like Unibet.

#4 NFL Prop Bets

Are you wondering what are NFL prop bets?
NFL prop bets are also called proposition bets.
Think of NFL prop bets as a “what will happen bet” during the NFL season or NFL game.

There are many types of prop bets in the NFL.
We’ll split them into two categories for you:

NFL game props

NFL game props are prop bets during an NFL game.

Here are some common NFL game props you’ll find on Unibet.

  • Will your team win both halves?
  • Will your team score first?
  • Which team will be the first to get 15 points during the NFL game?

There are many other game props on Unibet.

NFL Player Props

NFL player props are prop bets centered around players.
Here are some common player prop bets you’ll find for an NFL game.
Which player will score the first touchdown?
Who’ll score the most touchdowns during the NFL game?

#5 NFL Parlays

Think of NFL parlay bets as combinations of different bets.
With NFL parlay bets you can combine different bets into a parlay bet,
You can parlay bets in a single game or make parlays across different NFL games.
An example of a single match parlay would look something like this:

NFL single game parlay

Bet 1 : We put a moneyline bet on the Seahawks to win.

Bet 2: We bet that at least 46 or more points would be scored during the game.

Now let’s move on to parlays on multiple games. These are also called round-robin bets in NFL.

Check out this parlay we made for seven games in the NFL:

7 leg nfl parlay

Each game is a leg in the parlay.
This parlay would be called a 7 leg parlay bet.
NFL betting fans love parlays because they offer higher payouts.
If you manage to win this 7 leg NFL parlay you’d win $1364.94 from a $10 bet.

That’s HUGE!

Keep in mind though, that parlays are risky bets. That’s why you get those big payouts.
You can cash out of multi leg NFL parlay at Unibet if you want to as well.
If you decide to cash out, you might get a lower payout though.
Interested in placing your first NFL parlay bet?

Check out our NFL betting offers at Unibet and sign up with us!

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#6 NFL futures

NFL future bets are straightforward.
These are bets that you place on future event in the NFL.
At Unibet you can bet on NFL futures and also see the odds for:

  • The winner of the NFL championship
  • MVP winner
  • Conference winners
  • Division winners
  • NFL Draft picks

You’ll find a lot more options for NFL futures bets on our Unibet!

🔥Hot tip : Place your futures bet early in the season!

The odds for these events change as the season progresses.
Some bettors get lucky on these bets because they place their NFL futures bets early.

A good example of that would be the 2008 Superbowl.
The Patriots had steamrolled their way into the superbowl final with a perfect regular season.
That was the first time a team managed to be undefeated during the regular season in 36 years!
The Patriots faced the Giants in the superbowl finals, a team that was a wild card entry.
The Giants had preseason odds of 20/1 to win the superbowl.
In vegas odds that would be +2000

When they faced the Patriots in the superbowl, the giants had +475 moneyline odds while the Patriots had odds of -475.

If you convert the Patriots odds into probability percentages, that roughly comes out to a 82.6% chance of a victory for the Patriots.

But the Giants pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.
The Giants won the game 17-14 and became the first NFC wild card team to win the Superbowl.
If you had bet $10 on the Giants to win with preseason odds you would’ve won $200 from a $10 bet!

Tips and Strategies for NFL Betting

Now that you know about the basics of NFL betting and  you’re ready to place your first NFL bets on a legal sportsbook in your state.

But before you get started, hear us out for a second!
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an edge over other bettors?
With our NFL betting tips and NFL betting strategies you could probably have a edge over bettors!
Here are 6 NFL betting strategies and NFL betting strategies we have for you!

Tip #1 Keep up with the latest NFL Odds and NFL betting lines

A lot can happen between game day and the time you place your bet on an NFL game.
A key player can get injured.
Your coach could get fired.

All of these would affect the odds.
Make sure you check out the latest NFL vegas odds at Unibet so that you can bet on your favorite NFL game when you find the best odds!

Tip #2 Keep an eye out for the stats

In our opinion the best NFL betting strategy is to keep an eye out for the latest stats.
Stats help you make a more informed decision when you place your NFL bets.
This applies to over/under NFL bets and NFL points spreads.

If you know the trends of each team, you can capitalize on it with these NFL betting picks!

Tip #3 Leverage the power of NFL public betting

NFL public betting is probably one of the most talked about NFL betting strategies out there.
NFL public betting involves checking out how the majority of NFL fans are betting on a event.
You compare the odds and betting lines with how the public is betting on an NFL event or game and then ask yourself whether you should go against the public or join the public.

Tip #4 Make the most of NFL Parlay Bets

As we showed you earlier NFL parlay bets have probably the best NFL odds.
Do your research and build your own parlay!
Make sure you have a good cashout strategy for your NFL parlay as well!
Every sportsbook has different terms and conditions for cashing out of NFL parlays.

Make sure you’re in the know or you’re stuck with your bet!
With Unibet you can cash out of your parlays early.

Tip #5 Check the weather

This is major factor that influences your chances of winning when your betting on the NFL.
Rain or snow can affect a team’s performance.
So make sure you check weather forecasts before your place your bet!

Tip #6 Check out home advantage records In the NFL

You might’ve heard many people say that home-field advantage is worth three points to NFL spreads.
But here’s something you need to know, this value is more of a general thought than a calculated one.
Think back to the 2020 NFL season when fans weren’t allowed in the stadium.
Many teams saw a major decline in their home record without their fans rooting for them.

Tip #7 Grab your NFL betting bonuses!

Make sure you grab your NFL betting bonuses!
You can get many NFL betting offers like free NFL bets or bonuses on NFL parlays

Check out the latest NFL betting offers and promotions in your state!

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