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How to bet on the Super Bowl

112.3 Million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl 2022.

As a die-hard football fan, you’ll probably tune in for the current edition for the Super Bowl too.
With Unibet USA you can check out the latest Super Bowl odds right here on our American sportsbook!

Are you wondering how to bet on the Super Bowl online?
We’ll tell you how to bet on the 2022 Super Bowl in four easy steps.

Step 1 Find a legal online sportsbook

We have licensed sportsbooks in 

  1. New Jersey
  2. Virginia
  3. Indiana
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Iowa
  6. Arizona

If you live in these states you can move on to step 2.

Step 2 Check out the latest betting lines and odds for the Super Bowl

Now that you found a legal football betting site for the Super Bowl it’s time to check out the latest odds and betting lines for the Super Bowl.

NFL betting sites release their betting lines and spreads for the Super Bowl when the teams are decided during the playoffs.

Until that happens you can check our super bowl futures bets.

If you’re new to sports betting and we’ll give you a quick 101 on our Super Bowl betting guide section on this page.

Step 3 Sign up

If you like our superbowl odds and want to place your bets you need to sign up and make a deposit.
On Unibet you can sign up in less than 90 seconds.

When you sign up with us you also get a chance to grab a $500 risk free bet 

Step 4 Place your bet

You're all good to go now.
Place your bets and enjoy the superbowl!

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NFL Super Bowl Betting Guide

If you are new to sports betting this section is for you!
If you already know the basics of sports betting you can scroll down and check out our strategies and betting tips for the Super Bowl.
In this section, you’ll get a 101 on sports betting that you can apply while betting on the super bowl.
If you are new to sports betting and want to bet on the NFL Super bowl, there are 2 things you need to know:

  • What are betting odds and how do betting odds work
  • The different types of bets in the super bowl

What are betting odds and how do betting odds work in the Super Bowl?

Betting odds are easy to understand.
Betting odds tell you two things:

  1. What is the probability of an event
  2. How much do you stand to win from a bet.

Betting odds look something like this in the US:

Supebowl moneylines

The plus (+) odds are for the underdogs.
The number followed by the plus symbol tells you how much you’ll win for every $100 you bet.
In our example, for every $100 you bet on the Washington Football Team you’ll win $140 because they have odds of +140.

The minus (-) odds are for the favorites.
The minus odds tell you how much you need to bet to win $100.
In our example the Eagles have odds of -175.
This means that you’ll need to bet $175 to win $100.

These odds are also called moneylines, vegas odds, and betting lines.
Betting lines for Super Bowl games will also look like this.
Now that we got that covered, let’s check out the different types of bets you’ll find during the super bowl.

The different types of bets during the NFL playoffs

#1 Super bowl Moneylines

Moneylines are the easiest bets you can place during the super bowl.
When the 2 conference champions are decided during the NFL playoffs, you’ll find the betting lines for the super bowl.
All you need to do is bet on the team you think will the Super Bowl game.
You can check the latest moneyline odds for the 2022 super bowl on our betting sites in the US.

#2 Super Bowl Points Spreads

An NFL spread looks something like this:

What are Superbowl spreads

A points spread in the NFL looks almost like a moneyline.
The number 5.5 is the point spread in our head to head between the Giants and the Bears.
The point spread is a prediction of the margin of victory for the winning team.

The team with the minus spread are the favorites.
In our example, the Bears are the favorites for this spread with -5.5 and odds of -118.
If a team manages to win by a bigger margin than the spread, that means they cover the spread.
In our example, the Bears will have to win by more than 5.5 points, or at least 6 points to cover the spread.
If you bet on them and they cover the spread, you win the bet.
If they lose the game or win the game by a lower margin than the spread, you lose the bet.

The team with the plus points is the underdog.
In our example, the Giants are the underdogs for this spread as their spread is +5.5.
If you bet on the underdogs, the underdogs must either win the game or lose the game by fewer points than the spread.
If you were to bet on the Giants, they’d have to either win the game or lose by fewer than 6 points for you to win.
Spread bets during the super bowl will work in the same way.
Spread bets usually have better odds than moneylines.

#3 NFL Super Bowl Over/Under Bets

An over/under bet is also called a total points bet.
Over/unders in NFL games look something like this

Example of a Super Bowl over under

In an over/under bet you bet on whether the total points scored during the game will be over or under a certain number.
In our example, if you bet on over 37, at least 38 or more points must be scored during the game for you to win your bet.

If you bet on under 37, less than 37 points need to be scored during the game.
If the total number of points is exactly 37 you get your money back.
Over/under betting in the Super Bowl work in the same way.

Super Bowl teaser bets

Did you notice the pink button with “Teaser +” written on it?
That’s an example of a teaser bet for totals.

Teasers allow you to change point selections for bets like spreads and totals points bets.
You might see plenty of teaser bets on Unibet during the Super Bowl.

#4 Super Bowl Prop bets

Think of prop bets as “will it or will it not happen” bets.
Prop bets are also known as proposition bets.

During a typical super bowl game, you’ll come across prop bets like:

  • Which team is the first to reach 15 points?
  • What will be the first scoring play?
  • Will your team win both halves?

You can also come across some player prop bets in the super bowl like:

  • Which player will cover the most receiving yards?
  • How many rushes will a player make?

Who will score the first touchdown during the super bowl game?

#5 Superbowl Parlays

Parlay bets are combinations of multiple bets into one big bet.
During the super bowl, you can combine multiple bets into one big bet too.
Each bet on a parlay is called a leg.
You need to win all the legs to win the parlay.

There are types of two types of parlays:

Single game superbowl parlays:

In a single game parlay, you can parlay bets in the same Superbowl game.

Multi-game parlays

In a multi-game parlay, you combine bets on different games.
Since there is only one game in the Superbowl you can’t build a multi-game parlay on Unibet.
But you can build a multi-game parlay during the playoffs or the regular season in the NFL
Here’s an example of 9 leg NFL parlay bet we built in a game between the Dolphins and the Saints.

NFL playoffs parlays

Parlays give you bigger odds and bigger odds give you bigger payouts!
That’s why sports betting fans love parlays.
Keep an eye out for our special offers for super bowl parlays at Unibet!

NFL Superbowl Parlay Offers and Promotions 

You can get a cash boost of up to 50% for parlays on our online sportsbooks in the US!
Check out Level Up Parlay Booster offers in your state!

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#6 Live Super Bowl Betting

Imagine this.
You’re watching the super bowl and your team is playing offense in the third quarter.
Your team has one final play 9 yards from the end zone.
It’s their last chance to rack up some points before they defend in the final quarter.

What’s going to happen?
Will they score?
How are they going to score?
You can bet on all options like that with live odds at Unibet!

Live betting can be exciting because the odds keep fluctuating depending on how the game goes.
We recommend using a sports betting app for live betting during the super bowl because betting apps make it easier for you to watch the game while checking out live odds on the Super Bowl on your betting app.

#7 Super Bowl Futures

Futures are bets you can place on a team or player who will win a championship or award.
You can find odds for Super Bowl futures even before the playoffs begin.
The most popular Super Bowl futures bet is the NFL championship winner.

The odds for future bets keep changing as the NFL season progresses.
Usually the odds will shrink as the season moves on.
If you are looking for a bang for your buck with a futures bet in the super bowl, it’s a good idea to bet early.

Strategies and betting tips for the Super Bowl

Tip #1 Stick to your budget

Betting on the Super Bowl can be fun.
But sports betting can lead to some problems if you don’t gamble responsibly.
Even if you come out with the most fool-proof betting system, what happens out there on the field is unpredictable.
Many bettors try to chase their losses, that’s usually when the fun stops and problems begin.

One of the best ways you can gamble responsibly is to set a budget for yourself.
At Unibet, you can set betting limits on your account.
If you or anyone needs help please call 1800-GAMBLER or find out more on responsible gambling

Tip #2 Fading the Public during the Super Bowl 

Fading the public is part of a popular strategy called public betting.
Public betting is a term that describes which bet or outcome is popular amongst bettors.

Fading the public basically means betting against these options that are popular amongst the public.
You can apply the betting strategy in the Super Bowl in many ways.
One way you fade the public is by placing a moneyline bet on the underdog to win the Super Bowl.

Here is an example of when this strategy would’ve worked out for you…

It’s 2008.
The Patriots reached the Super Bowl after being undefeated during the regular season.
The Patriots faced the Giants who were a wild card entry from the NFC.
Up until 2008, No wild card team from the NFC had ever won the Super Bowl.

Everyone thought the Pats were going to bag the Bowl.
The Pats were the favorites to win with a -11 spread.
Oddsmakers were giving the Giants, moneylines of up to +475.
If you convert those odds to implied probability, that comes to be 17.4% of chance for a Giants victory.

The Giants won and the public lost.
If you had placed a $100 bet on the Giants, you’d walk away with $575.
Nevada casinos reported record losses of $2.6 million that year.

Tip #3 Step Up Your Stats Game

Betting on the super bowl and sports betting, in general, is all about the stats.
Check out historical data on the bets you plan to make to help you make better predictions.
Let’s say you are making a bet on a Super Bowl spread.

The spread is a massive 11 points.
You could investigate your team’s offensive record in the regular season and their head to head against the other team to predict if they’ll cover the spread.
Another example could be based on player prop bets during the super bowl like betting on rushes or touchdowns.

Tip #4 Middling your super bowl bet

Are you wondering what is middling in sports betting?
Middling Is also called betting a middle.
Middling is a sports betting strategy that helps you get the most out of a change in point spreads, odds, and totals.

You can use middling while you are betting on the super bowl as well.
Think of middling as a risk reduction strategy.

Here’s how you can use middling when you are betting on the super bowl.
Let’s say the Chiefs face the Packers in the super bowl.
The chiefs are favorites to win with a 5-point spread.
You bet on -5 for the Chiefs.
One day before the super bowl the line moves to a 8 point spread.
You bet on +8 for the Packers.
That difference of 3 points in these two bets would be called the middle.

Here are the outcomes that are possible in this situation:

  • You win both bets if the Chiefs win by 6 or 7 points.
  • You win one wager if the Packers lose by less than 5 points or the Chiefs win by 9 or more.
  • You get a push if the Chiefs win by exactly 5 or 8 points.

Middling is not a foolproof way of winning, but it can decrease your potential losses.
On the flip side though, middling could decrease your overall odds or payout unless you win the middle bet (or in other words both the bets).

Tip #5 Use Betting offers like free bets for the Super Bowl

Many online sportsbooks in the US like Unibet have some pretty cool betting offers and promotions for sports betting like free bets.
Risk-free bets give you a chance to bet on an outcome without losing any money you lose the bet.
Check out our betting promos like our free bets for the super bowl!

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