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NHL Playoffs Betting 101 How to bet on the NHL Playoffs 

Are you new to NHL betting?
Wondering how to start betting on NHL playoffs this year?

You can bet on the NHL playoffs in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if  it's legal for you to bet on the NHL playoffs

Every state has different laws when it comes to online sports betting.
In most cases, if online sports betting is legal in your state you'd be able to bet on the NHL playoffs.
Legal sports betting sites like Unibet will give you the option of betting on the NHL if it's legal in  your state.
You can legally bet on the NHL playoffs on Unibet if you live in:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana
  • Virginia
  • Arizona
  • Iowa

Step 2 Visit an NHL betting site or download an NHL betting app

Now that you know you live in a state where online betting is legal it's time to move on to step two.

Check out a licensed NHL betting site, like Unibet, or download their NHL betting app. 
Get a feel for the latest odds for the NHL playoffs.

Step 3 Sign Up

You can check out the latest betting lines and odds during the NHL playoffs for free in online sportsbooks.
If you want to place your bets with real money though, you need to sign up with the sportsbook and make a deposit.

You can sign up with Unibet's betting sites in less than 90 seconds.

When you sign up with our betting site, you also get a free $500 RISK FREE BET!

Step 4 Make your first bet in the NHL playoffs!

That's it!
Now you're all set to make your first bet on the NHL playoffs!
We told you it was going to be easy!

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How does NHL playoffs betting work?

There’s always a thrill when the NHL playoffs arrive. Knockout rounds are there to be decided while the winners progress to the Stanley Cup series.

It’s always a busy time at Unibet and interest in our NHL betting options begins ahead of the games. If you’re new to hockey betting or you want to know more about those playoffs, we’re here to help.

To begin with, there are two questions to answer:

  1. What are NHL playoff odds and how do they work?
  2. What kind of bets can I place on the NHL playoffs?

Those are good questions no matter where you are on your NHL betting journey. Let’s start with those NHL playoffs odds. They’re here to tell us two things:

  1. The probability of an outcome taking place during a game in the NHL playoffs.
  2. How much you will be paid if your bet’s a winner.

What are NHL odds and how do they work?

The best way to explain it is by using an actual example:

This is one of Unibet’s hockey markets on a game between the Capitals and the Panthers. If you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll notice that one figure has a + sign in front of it while the other carries a minus.

What does this mean? The minus sign tells us that the Panthers are the favorites. I.E. they are more likely to win the game. Washington, with their big old plus sign, are the underdog.

That’s the probability element sorted. Our odds setters, with a little help from the betting community, have decided that Florida have a better chance of winning the game.

Odds also tell us what to expect if our bet wins. In the case of those Panthers, the -225 sum means that we need to stake $225 to win $100. For the Capitals, a stake of $100 wins $180 if Washington gets over the line.

Unibet’s markets default to American odds. You can change this in your settings but why would you? It’s your choice but it’s an easy system to understand and it’s the preferred pick here.

What is Public Betting in the NHL Playoffs?

We mentioned that the betting community has a say in setting those odds during the NHL playoffs. The public will stake money as soon as markets are released, and they will help to adjust the numbers.

You may have heard of the saying ‘betting with the public’. If you haven’t, it will certainly come up at some point. What this means is that you are betting on the favorite. If you are betting against the public, you are backing the underdog.

A bet on the favorite may be more likely to come in. Remember that there is a higher probability of this happening - according to the odds. But favorites don’t always win. Sport would be pretty boring if that happened.

The underdog can succeed and it’s up to you to make the final decision on who you are going to back.

Different Types of NHL Playoffs Bets

#1 NHL Playoffs Moneylines

We’ve already shown you one of those bets in the NHL Playoffs. It’s hiding there in plain sight. The bet on a match winner in hockey is known as the ‘Moneyline’.

In case you missed it, here’s another one:

In this case it’s the Kings v the Oilers. Oilers are favorites with the Kings slotting in as the underdog. The Moneyline is simply a bet on the match result.

Moneyline bets will include any overtime. Any hockey game is all about winning and there are no draws in this sport. However, there is a second type of bet to consider.

Regular Time 3-Way Moneylines in the NHL Playoffs

At the end of regular time, three things can happen. Either team can win or the game could be tied at this point. In all NHL playoff games, there is a separate market called Regular Time 3-Way.

It’s back to the Kings and the Oilers. In this bet, Edmonton remain favorites with LA the underdogs. A separate option for the tie is listed at odds of +350.

#2 Puck Lines in the NHL Playoffs

If you’ve bet on other sports you may have heard of the Points Spread. The Puck Line is the NHL’s equivalent. If you haven’t a clue what we’re talking about, don’t worry - it’s easy.

It’s really a bet on the winning margin; here’s another example:

In this game between St Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild, the Blues are favorites to win by at least two goals. If you take the bet, it will pay at -220 if St Louis win by two goals or more.

Alternatively, you can bet on Minnesota. This will pay at +175 if the Wild win, or lose by just one goal.

Not happy with those odds? No problem. That big green circle at the bottom is a slider. Move it to the left or right and you can get different puck lines.

#3 Total Goals bets in the NHL Playoffs

NHL Playoffs are all about the goals. Score more than the opposition - it’s a simple concept that can take you through this phase of the season.

In recognition of the importance of goal scoring, Unibet publish a Total Goals market.

Here’s one in action:

We’re staying with St Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild for this one. The line has been set at 6 and there are options to go Over or Under.

The slider is in play again so let’s move it around.

We think this might be a high scoring game so we’ve taken the line to 7 goals. Eight goals or more pays at +175 while there are odds of -220 in play for six goals or fewer.

But what if there are exactly 7 goals? Good question: If the goals total hits on the line then this is called a ‘push’. There are no winners and no losers and your stake will simply be refunded back into your Unibet account.

#4 NHL Playoffs Props

The term ‘prop’ is short for proposition. It can relate to a type of event that can occur in a game during the NHL playoffs. These bets can be split into team props and player props.

Examples Include

Team Props:

• Correct Score
• Highest Scoring Period
• Who will win the period?
• Both Teams to Score - Y or N?

Player Props:

• Scorer of the First Goal
• Will a Player Score at Least One Goal - yes or no?

Prop markets get busier during the playoffs but how do you find them? Simple; just scroll past the main markets and the props are listed on a drop down menu.

#5 NHL Playoffs Parlays

What is a Parlay bet? It’s a multiple with at least two selections and both of those picks have to win in order for the bet to pay out.

There are two types of Parlay: They can be placed within a single game or you can take them across two or more NHL matches in the playoffs.

Here’s an example of a single game parlay in the NHL Playoffs:

In that game between St Louis and Minnesota, we’ve gone for a tie in the 3-way market plus over six goals. The odds are shown and our stake of $10 would win $100 if both bets come in.

Now here’s a parlay on multiple games.

This is a 3-leg parlay where we’ve gone for the Hurricanes, the Lightning and the Wild all to win. The odds are shown and the suggested stake of $10 leads to a potential payout of $68.65.

Remember, nothing will happen until you hit that big yellow button.

Parlays aren’t for everyone. They can increase your returns but always remember that they will only pay out if all the legs win.

#6 NHL Playoffs Futures Betting

There will be more options for futures betting at the start of a season. When the playoffs arrive the choices are more limited but you can still stake on the winners of the Stanley Cup.

A futures bet is a long term stake on a season long outcome. Look out for more markets when the NHL campaign gets underway.

NHL Playoffs Betting Tips and Strategies

We’ve talked about all those odds in the Stanley Cup playoffs and we’ve told you all the different options you have when you’re betting on the NHL playoffs.

Now you need to drop your bets on the NHL playoffs. There will never be any guarantees but we can mention some tips that should help you to tilt those odds in your favor when you start your NHL Playoffs betting journey!

#Tip 1: What are the Public Saying?

Remember that the public has a say in setting the odds? They, along with Unibet’s odds setters, will dictate the markets. They offer a clue and it’s now down to you to bet with or against the public.

The team with the shorter odds has a higher chance of winning. At least that’s what probability says. Do you agree with the assessment and back the favorites or is it time for the underdog?

It’s your decision but there are ways to help you come to a conclusion.

#Tip 2: Research, Research, Research

To save time, you can just blindly agree with the public and bet with the favorite. We’d recommend doing some investigations of your own before going down that path.

What should you be looking for? Here are some suggestions.

• Form Score
• Head to Head Results - if any
• Team News
• Home Rink Advantage

Form is an obvious place to start: Are the teams in good shape coming into the game. The short answer is yes otherwise they wouldn’t be in the playoffs. OK, but it’s not a dumb question to ask.

Look at results at the end of the regular season. Did the team keep winning or did they tail off once a playoff slot was assured?

Also, if a team goes into the fourth game in a series and is losing 3-0, we don’t need to tell you who the form side is.

The next point relates to head to heads? Have these teams already met - either in the playoffs or in the regular season? It can also be helpful to look at any head to head results from previous playoff campaigns.

Results from previous games between the two teams could offer some pointers moving forward.

Team news can keep you in the loop regarding any injuries. Absences from the rink can weaken a team and affect their chances of winning.

Home advantage can play a part in any sport. As a final tip in this section, check the home and away stats of your preferred team to see how they match up.

#Tip 3: Pick Your Parlays Carefully During the NHL Playoffs

A parlay in the NHL playoffs can offer high returns but it’s not always the best option. You should only get involved when you have built up some experience and are more confident over your NHL playoffs betting.

The important thing to remember is that only one leg has to fail for your Parlay to let you down. If you have a set of short-odds favorites, you could combine them for a higher potential return. That’s one way in which our bettors approach the parlay option.

The choice is yours but do keep in mind the higher exposure that comes with parlay betting.

#Tip 4: Grab Your Free Bets For the NHL Playoffs!

We are crazy about odds at Unibet and we want to offer you competitive prices on all NHL playoff markets. Want to add some extra value? No problem.

There is a welcome offer to say thank you for signing up while other promos will follow. We don’t want you to miss out so be sure to check the website and opt in for notifications.

2023 NHL Playoff Odds

Are you hunting for the best odds for the NHL Playoffs?
Here are the odds we're offering on Unibet for the 2023 NHL playoffs:

Game 1 Odds

Panthers vs Bruins Odds
 Puck lineMoneylineTotal Goals
Florida Panthers+1.5        -141+180O 6        -124
Boston Bruins-1.5        +116-225U 6       +102
Islanders vs Hurricanes Odds
 Puck lineMoneylineTotal Goals
New York islanders+1.5        -182+138O 5.5    +110
Carolina Hurricanes-1.5        +150-167U 5.5    -132
Wild vs Stars Odds
 Puck lineMoneylineTotal Goals
Minnesota Wild+1.5        -230+118O 5.5    -104
Dallas Stars-1.5        +185-143U 5.5    -118
LA Kings vs Oilers Odds
 Puck lineMoneylineTotal Goals
LA Kings+1.5        -165+155O 6.5    -110
Edmonton Oilers-1.5        +133-190U 6.5    -110
Rangers vs Devils Odds
 Puck lineMoneylineTotal Goals
New York Rangers+1.5        -230+112O 6        +102
New Jersey Devils-1.5        +180-136U 6        -124
Lightning vs Maple Leafs Odds
 SpreadMoneylineTotal Points
Tampa Bay Lightning+1.5        -200+128O 6        -106
Toronto Maple Leafs-1.5        +165-155U 6        -115
Jets vs Knights Odds
 Puck lineMoneylineTotal Goals
Winnipeg Jets+1.5        -200+128O 5.5    -124
Vegas Golden Knights-1.5        +128-157U 5.5    +102
Kraken vs Avalanche Odds
 Puck lineMoneylineTotal Goals
Seattle Kraken+1.5        -155+165O 6        -115
Colorado Avalanche-1.5        +128-205U 6        -106

Odds Of Making 2nd Round  

TeamOdds of Making 2nd Round
Florida Panthers+295
Boston Bruins-375
New York islanders+170
Carolina Hurricanes-200
LA Kings+185
Edmonton Oilers-225
Tampa Bay Lightning+128
Toronto Maple Leafs-152
New York Rangers-107
New Jersey Devils-112
Minnesota Wild+126
Dallas Stars-150
Winnipeg Jets+145
Vegas Golden Knights-175
Seattle Kraken+245
Colorado Avalanche-305

Based on our odds, we believe the Bruins have the best odds of making it to the 2nd round of the playoffs.
The other teams we predict to make it to the 2nd round are the Hurricanes (-200), Oilers (-225), Maple leafs (-152), Stars (-150), Golden Knights (-175) and the Avalanche (-305).

The Rangers vs Devils series is too close to call at this time.

Odds Of Winning the 2023 NHL Championship

TeamOdds of Winning 2023 Stanley Cup
Boston Bruins+350
Colorado Avalanche+600
Edmonton Oilers+750
Carolina Hurricanes+1100
Toronto Maple Leafs+1100
Vegas Golden Knights+1300
New Jersey Devils+1400
New York Rangers+1400
Dallas Stars+1700
Tampa Bay Lightning+1900
LA Kings+2500
Minnesota Wild+2500
Florida Panthers+4500
New York islanders+4500
Winnipeg Jets+5000
Seattle Kraken+5000

We believe the Bruins have the best shot at winning the Stanley Cup with odds of +350 followed by the Avalanche (+600) and the Oilers (+750).


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