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NASCAR Betting 101 How to bet on the NASCAR from the US

Are you new to NASCAR betting?
Wondering how you can start betting on races in the NASCAR?

You can bet on the NASCAR from the US in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if online NASCAR betting is legal in your state

Every state has different laws when it comes to sports betting online.
In most cases, if online sports betting is legal in your state you'd be able to bet on NASCAR races too.
Legal sports betting sites like Unibet will give you the option of betting on racing if it's legal in  your state.
You can legally bet on NASCAR races on Unibet if you live in:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana
  • Virginia
  • Arizona
  • Iowa

Step 2 Visit a NASCAR betting site or download a NASCAR betting app

Now that you know you live in a state where NASCAR betting is legal it's time to move on to step two.

Check out a licensed betting site, like Unibet, or download their betting app and get a feel for the latest NASCAR betting odds and lines!

Step 3 Sign Up

You can check out the latest NASCAR betting lines and odds for free in online sportsbooks.
If you want to place your bets with real money though, you need to sign up with the sportsbook and make a deposit.

You can sign up with Unibet's betting sites in less than 90 seconds.

When you sign up with our betting site, you also get a free $500 RISK FREE BET!

Step 4 Make your first bet!

That's it!
Now you're all set to make your bet!
We told you it was going to be easy!

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*New players only. Bonuses may differ by region. Terms & conditions apply. 21+.

How Does NASCAR Betting Work?

In the United States there is a great rivalry between IndyCar and NASCAR. Which is best? We’re not going to get involved with that debate but we’re thankful that there’s room for many different types of motorsport.

Our sportsbook covers all the main NASCAR events across the season. If you are an experienced bettor, you’ll know all about them. If you’ve yet to get involved, allow us to offer you some important information.

Every sport should start with the betting basics and that includes NASCAR. At the start of the grid, we need to ask two questions.

  • What are NASCAR odds and what is their meaning?

  • What kind of NASCAR bets are out there?

NASCAR odds and how they work

Ok let’s take them in order. Odds tell us two things:

  • The probability of an outcome such as a driver winning a race

  • The payout we will receive if our bet wins

Here’s a bet from the 2022 NASCAR season which illustrates both points.

This is a NASCAR bet for a top five finish. There are more drivers available, but we’ll just focus on the top men.

Kyle Larson has odds of -200 to finish outside of the top five. When odds have a minus symbol in front of them they are favorites. They are more likely to happen.

The odds of Larson finishing inside the top five are +150. Odds with a plus prefix are underdogs in this case. They are less likely to happen.

That’s the probability element dealt with but what about payouts? The answer lies in the exact numbers.

  • At odds of +150, a stake of $100 pays $150 if the bet wins

  • At odds of -200, a stake of $200 pays $100 if the bet wins

You don’t have to stake those exact sums and it doesn’t matter if your math isn’t great. When you type in a stake into your Unibet betslip, the potential payout will be shown.

Probability and Payouts: That’s why odds are there.

NASCAR Public Betting

Who sets those odds for NASCAR betting? If you’ve heard of the phrase ‘betting with the public then you’ll already know. The wider NASCAR betting public waits for a race to come up and then starts to assess the options.

They will start to identify favorites and the majority of wagers go on the more likely outcomes. It’s probability in action once again. The betting public knows NASCAR and it knows strengths and weaknesses. Our odds setters then step in to set the final figures.

You can bet with or against the public. Only you can make the final decision, but we’ll offer some advice on that a little later on.

What NASCAR betting options do I have?

#1: Race Winner bets

This is where most of us start. It’s a bet on who we think will win the race. Here are the options for the 2022 Enjoy Illinois 300.

There are four drivers shown in the image. Click on the Show More button and the rest of the field will be revealed.

With lots of choice, this isn’t an easy bet to pick but the equation is simple. The driver who wins the race triggers winning bets. The odds system remains the same: if you are to bet on Kyle Busch and he wins, bets pay at $800 for every $100 staked.

#2: Performance Betting in NASCAR

You’ve already seen a performance bet. The Top Five finish is a great example but there are others. Performance betting relates to where the driver finishes in the race. They don’t have to win it but as long as their position is high enough, bets are paid.

With Unibet’s NASCAR betting, Top Three, Top Five and Top Ten Options are available.

#3: Head to Head bets in NASCAR betting

These are sometimes known as Matchups. Head to head NASCAR betting puts two drivers together. Just like this

Here you have to choose between Tyler Reddick and Chase Briscoe. Whoever finishes in the higher position will pay winning bets.

As a twist on head to heads, you can switch to group betting.

Groups of four drivers are shown and the aim is the same: Pick who you think will finish in the higher placing.

#4: Winning Manufacturer bets in NASCAR betting

This is another simple bet to follow. Like all versions of motorsport. There are different manufacturers involved in NASCAR. Ahead of each race, bets for the winning team are in play.

This is for the Enjoy Illinois 300, but all races are covered. Pick your manufacturer and choose your stake.

#5: NASCAR Prop bets

You’ll hear various terms on your NASCAR betting journey. The word ‘prop’ is a shortened version of Proposition. It’s a stake on something that might happen in a race.

Examples for NASCAR prop betting include.

• Car number of race winner - odd or even?
•Car number of race winner - Over or Under a specified line
• Any driver to win stage one and two and then go on to win the race

To find the props, click on the Motorsports page, find NASCAR and scroll across.

#6: Future bets in NASCAR

It’s time to get the crystal ball out of the garage. Dust it down and look into the future. A Futures bet is a long term stake across a season. In NASCAR, that’s all about the overall champion.

This bet was available midway through the 2022 season. At this point, the stronger drivers rise to the top.

Futures bets can be taken before the season starts. This is when longer odds can appear for the drivers in contention.

#7: NASCAR Parlays

It’s another piece of jargon but it’s a simple one. A parlay is a multiple bet containing at least two picks. In theory, there is no upper limit on the amount of picks.

It’s important to remember the mechanics. With a parlay bet, all of your selections need to win.

Parlays can be made within one race or they can be spread over multiple events. Here’s an example of a single-race parlay.

We’re back at Enjoy Illinois where we want Kyle Larson to win. Our additional picks are from the Performance bets. Denny Hamlin to finish in the top three and Ryan Blaney to finish in the top ten.

As we add picks, the odds update. When you type in a stake, the potential payout shows and the Place bet button turns yellow. If it all looks good, click on that button and the bet is riding.

Parlays can also be made across one or more events. Like this…

This is a two leg parlay. We’ve kept the faith with Kyle Larson for the Enjoy Illinois 300 and we’ve added Kyle Busch to win the overall championship.

Most NASCAR parlay bets will be within a single race but there are other options.

Tips and Strategies for your NASCAR Betting Journey

Those are your NASCAR bets but we’re still with you. Unibet would like to remain onside as you make your way around the track.

While nobody can guarantee any winners, these tips should prove useful.

#Tip 1: To Bet with or Against the Public?

That’s the first decision to make. The public cannot get it right 100% of the time. Part of the beauty of any sport is in seeing an underdog come home.

Remember the probability factor. The public may get it wrong, but they do know about NASCAR betting. They see who the stronger drivers are and that influences the bets.

You can bet with the public and get behind the favorite. The alternative is to bet against the public and look for an underdog.

So, has the public got it right this time? Here’s how you can reach a decision.

#Tip 2: Making up your own mind

The best way to come to a conclusion is by doing your own research. The key factors to look at are:

Form: Is the driver on a hot streak coming into the race? This will usually be reflected in the odds, but you should look at results to back things up.

Record in the Race: Some drivers perform better in certain events. They may return strong results at the Richmond Raceway while being weaker at the Nashville Superspeedway.

All the stats are out there to back up these types of trends.

#Tip 3: To Parlay or not to Parlay?

Parlays offer a balance. There is the promise of longer odds and a higher payout when the bet wins. On the other side of the coin, there is greater exposure. Remember that all of your selections must win if the bet is to pay.

Many like to use a parlay when they’re combining favorites. That’s the probability element once again. You’re free to make your own decisions but always keep in mind the mechanics.

If you’re just starting out with NASCAR betting, we recommend beginning with other options. Work up to Parlays and consider them carefully when you have more experience.

#Tip 4: Stay in Touch for NASCAR Betting Promos!

We are crazy about our odds. We work hard to make sure that our figures compete with the best in the industry. You’ll always have that guarantee at Unibet but there is a way of finding some extra value.

Anyone who registers with Unibet will be eligible for a welcome promotion subject to terms and conditions. Moving forward, you should also expect to see ongoing deals. These will vary but free bets, price boosts and matched deposits are typical of what we may offer.

Please don’t miss out: You can keep in touch with our offers by opting in for notifications or you can keep checking back to the promotions page on our website.

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