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Europa League Betting 101 How to bet on the Europa League from the US

Are you new to soccer betting?
Wondering how you can start betting on games in the Europa League?

You can bet on the Europa League from the US in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if online Europa League betting is legal in your state

Every state has different laws when it comes to sports betting online.
In most cases, if online sports betting is legal in your state you'd be able to bet on Europa League games too.
Legal sports betting sites like Unibet will give you the option of betting on soccer if it's legal in  your state.
You can legally bet on Europa League games on Unibet if you live in:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Indiana
  • Virginia
  • Arizona
  • Iowa

Step 2 Visit a Europa League betting site or download a Europa League betting app

Now that you know you live in a state where Europa League betting is legal it's time to move on to step two.

Check out a licensed betting site, like Unibet, or download their betting app and get a feel for the latest Europa League betting odds and lines!

Step 3 Sign Up

You can check out the latest Europa League betting lines and odds for free in online sportsbooks.
If you want to place your bets with real money though, you need to sign up with the sportsbook and make a deposit.

You can sign up with Unibet's betting sites in less than 90 seconds.

When you sign up with our betting site, you also get a free $500 RISK FREE BET!

Step 4 Make your first bet!

That's it!
Now you're all set to make your bet!
We told you it was going to be easy!

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How to bet on the Europa League

It may be a step below the Champions League in terms of prestige, but the Europa League is an important competition. Soccer clubs across Europe battle each season for a major piece of silverware.

The tournament is important for us too. There’s lots of interest at Unibet and here’s all you need to know about betting on the Europa League.

We’ll start by asking you two questions:

  • What are Europa League odds and what do they tell us?

  • What Europa League bets are available?

Actually, we’ll answer them for you.

What are Europa League odds and what do they tell us?

First up we need to look at odds. Odds are in place for every Europa League bet but what do they mean?

Those odds in the Europa League tell us two things:

  • The probability of an event happening

  • How much you will be paid if your bet wins

Here’s a Europa League bet from our sportsbook.

This is the final from 2022 between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers. There are three options for the result at full time. We have a win for either team plus a third bet for the draw.

Frankfurt have the lowest odds at +128. This tells us straight away that they are the favorites. Rangers at +210 and the draw at +245 are underdogs.

That’s probability dealt with. The odds tell us that Frankfurt are the team with a higher probability of winning the game. There is less chance of the other two bets coming in.

Odds also need to tell us how much we can expect from a winning bet. Wins in this case would be paid as follows:

  • Eintracht Frankfurt pays $128 for every $100 staked if they win

  • Rangers FC pays $210 for every $100 staked if they win

  • The draw pays $245 for every $100 staked if the scores are level

Odds can also have a minus prefix. Here’s an example:

You’ve previously seen the full time bet. This applies to the result at the end of 90 minutes. There is a separate option for finals such as this one. It’s called To Win the Trophy and it would take into account any overtime.

Here, Eintracht Frankfurt are listed at -148. This means that you would need to stake $148 to win 100 bucks.

So there we have it: Odds explain probability and payouts. A third P – the Public – helps us out a little

What is the Majority View?

What do the public know? The average man on the sidewalk has plenty to say about sport. Opinion will differ but the majority will get behind the team who is most likely to win.

That’s probability in action once again. The stronger of the two teams won’t win every time but they will start as the favorites. The public establishes this point as soon as the odds are out. It’s then over to our odds setters to confirm the final numbers.

You can either bet with or against the public and we’ll offer some advice on that point a little later on.

What are the different bets I can drop on the Europa League?

We’ve already shown you two: The Win the Trophy bet will only appear in the final. That’s pretty obvious. The Full-Time bet will be available for every Europa League game. The Full-time bet is also called a moneyline. Since you have 3 outcomes in soccer, this would be a 3 way moneyline.

If you’re new to soccer betting, we suggest starting out here. It may not be the easiest bet to call but it’s simple to understand. Will there be a win for either side or will the game end in a draw?

If you’re new to soccer betting, we suggest starting out here. It may not be the easiest bet to call but it’s simple to understand. Will there be a win for either side or will the game end in a draw?

#1: Of course, there are other bets to consider.

Goals win soccer games. The more goals a team scores, the better chance they have of winning. But do you know how many goals will land in that game?

Totals betting allows you to speculate. Here’s a Total Goals bet from the Europa League.

The line for this Europa League game is set at 2.5 and you can bet Over or Under. If there are three goals or more, winning bets pay at odds of -115. If there are two goals or fewer, wins are met at -108.

We have short odds here but we can change that. If you thought this game might be a high scorer, just click on that green button at the bottom of the image. This is a slider and it puts you in control of the goal line.

We’ve moved up one notch to Over 3.5. You can go higher or lower if you want. Now, if there are four or more goals in the game, winning bets pay at odds of +230.

It’s another popular bet at Unibet and an easy one to follow.

#2: Both Teams to Score bets in Europa League

Will both teams score in the game? There are only two possible answers to this question.

Yes or No?

If both teams find the net in 90 minutes, winning bets pay at -152. If this doesn’t happen – if one or more teams complete a shutout - the winning payout is at +116.

It’s another simple and popular bet. Often abbreviated to BTTS, this will be available for all Europa League games.

#3: Europa League Props

Prop is a piece of jargon but it’s a simple one. The word is short for ‘proposition’ and it can relate to certain events within a soccer game. Like most sports, soccer props can be split into two sections.

• Team Props
• Player Props

Team Props can include:

• Winning Margin
• Correct Score
• Team to win to nil
• Team to score in both halves – yes or no?

Player Props can include

• Player to score the first goal
• Player to score at any time in 90 minutes
• Player to score the last goal
• Player to be sent off – yes or no

Props are available for all Europa League games. To find them, scroll down past the main different bets and click on the drop down menus.

#4: Parlays in the Europa League

Here we go with more jargon. If you’ve been around betting for a while you’ll know all about parlays. If not, they are easy to understand.

A parlay is a multiple bet with at least two picks. You can combine a Parlay from available bets in one Europa League match. This is known as a single game parlay.

There are also multi-leg parlays which cross over two or more Europa League games.

Here’s an example of a single game parlay in the Europa League.

From the Frankfurt vs Glasgow Europa League final of 2022, we’ve made three selections. The picks are:

• Rangers to win
• Over 2.5 Goals
• Both Teams to Score

As the picks are added, the betslip calculates the odds. When you input a stake, the potential payout is also available. If you are happy with your picks, click on the yellow button and the bet will ride.

For multi-game Parlays, you can stay with the Europa League. The following is an alternative where we’ve included other soccer matches.

In this 2-leg Parlay, we’ve combined the 2022 Europa League final and the Champions League Final. We’ve kept the faith with Rangers, and we’ve added Liverpool to win their game.

Happy with the odds and the outlay? Click on the place bet button and your Parlay is on.

Whatever type of parlay you choose, there is an important point to remember. All selections have to win for your bet to be paid. In this example, if either Liverpool, Rangers, or both, lose, the overall bet is also lost.

#5: Future bets in Europa League Betting

A Futures bet literally ‘looks into the future’. It’s a long term bet which is available for the entire soccer season. For the Europa League, futures options can include:

• Winner of the Europa League
• To Reach the Final
• Leading Goal Scorer

There is a separate page for all of our Futures bets. Just find the Europa League options and look to the top. Click on the tab and all will be revealed.

Europa League Betting tips and strategies

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging did you? Unibet has over 25 years of experience with Europa League betting. While we can offer no guarantees, we’d like to offer some tips and advice./span>

#Tip 1: Consider that Majority View

The favorites are favorites for a reason. The public perceive that one team is stronger. They will also conclude that one outcome is more likely than the other. For example, Over 2.5 goals may have shorter odds than Under 2.5.

The public can’t be right all the time. Sport would be boring and pointless if that were the case. You should certainly take the public view on board. Probability will dictate which of the possible outcomes has the higher chance of landing.

In short: When it comes to betting on Europa League games Listen to the public but make up your own mind.

#Tip 2: Follow your own Path

How do you reach your own conclusion: By doing plenty of research. Points to consider include:

Form :
There is a long group stage in the Europa League. Before the knockouts begin, the tournaments use a round robin system. There are many results to take into account. Form from the Europa League and from the club’s domestic competitions can give you some pointers.

Head to Head Results :
Have these teams already faced each other in the competition? Results from round robin matches could have a bearing moving forward.

Injuries and Suspensions :
Injuries to key players will naturally weaken a team. Absences can also be due to disciplinary reasons and any suspensions that are incurred. Remember to check the team news before making a decision.

#Tip 3: What Type of Bets Interest you?

Are you interested in the higher odds that parlays bring? Remember that parlays come with their own mechanics. It only takes one of your picks to lose for the multiple to fail.

For those starting out, we’d recommend the full time or moneyline bet. Match betting is popular with experienced bettors too. Bring that research into play as you look for a winning bet.

Total Goals, Both Teams to Score and Prop Betting can test your analytical skills. Additional stats involving goals scored by teams and individuals need to be assessed here.

It’s worth taking time to consider these points before you get involved.

#Tip 4: Grab some Europa League Betting Promos

We suggest that you make full use of any offers and promotions that come your way to help you get a bang for your buck when you’re betting on the Europa League. Unibet can publish these on a frequent basis. They can provide a little extra value on top of our excellent odds.

Check on the promos page of the website. Remember to opt in for notifications. Both of these approaches should ensure that you don’t miss out.

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*New players only. Bonuses may differ by region. Terms & conditions apply. 21+.