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How to play Live casino games within
Online casinos with live dealers in the us

Step 1
Make sure live casino games are legal in your state

Online casinos are not legal in every state.
Even if online casinos are legal in your state, playing casino games with live dealers online may not be legal there.
A licensed casino like Unibet will offer live casino games  that you can play with dealers online if they are legal in your state.

Step 2
Find a legal online casino with live dealers in your state

Once you are sure online casinos are legal in your state.
Not every online casino has live dealers.
Visit a legal online casino in your state that offers casino games with live dealers or download their casino app.

Step 3
Explore the live casino

Get a feel for the live casino and check out their live casino games.
On Unibet you can visit our live casino lobbies where you can get a feel for your favorite game with live dealers and see how it all works online in real time!

Step 4
Sign up

If you decide to play a hand of your favorite casino game online with live dealers with real money you need to sign up with the casino. You can sign up on Unibet’s casinos in less than 90 seconds.

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How do Live casinos work?

Instead of using traditional, automated software, live casinos work have real dealers dealing cards and overseeing casino games similar to what you have in land-based casinos.
The online casino streams these games in real time from locations across the US.

The live dealers are professionally trained to carry out the casino games fairly and accurately.
In live poker, live blackjack and live baccarat, the dealers physically deal the cards and control the game in live casinos.

Roulette sees the dealer spin the wheel and release the ball.
Gameshows which feature a wheel of fortune also need a dealer to spin it.
In short, it’s the closest possible experience to playing at the tables in Vegas without leaving the house.
You can dress how you want - frankly, we don’t want to know.

Placing your bets is still automated. The developers haven’t yet added a process that lets you place chips on the table but they’re probably working on it.
Options will come up on the screen and you just click to confirm.
It’s an exciting way to approach casino play but you should check whether online casinos are legal in your state.

You can play your favorite games with live dealers in our live casino in two states in the US, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

New Jersey

Casino & Sportsbook

Casino & Sportsbook

Casino & Sportsbook

Are online live casinos fair?

If you’re playing with a licensed and regulated casino such as Unibet, the simple answer is ‘yes’. If you’re playing somewhere else we understand - honestly we do. It’s OK but you need to check on licensing and regulation.

Look for information at the bottom of the homepage and follow up with an independent search if necessary.

Of course, if you are at Unibet then you don’t need to worry about any of that. All of our live dealer games are independently verified to make sure that they are fairly run.

Spins of the wheel are random and cards are shuffled to ensure random results. Decks of cards are also replaced at regular intervals. It’s all transparent and above board so you can just relax and play along.

How to sign up on
Unibet's live casino?

If you’ve already registered at our main casino website, you don’t need to do it again. Simply sign in using your regular logins.

If you’re not a customer just yet, the process is quick, secure and easy. Find the yellow ‘join now’ button at the top right of the Unibet homepage. Click on this and you’re now into a three-step process.

Step one

Type in your email address and choose a password.
That’s really all there is to it.

Step two

It’s quick and easy here too.
Input your name and date of birth and you can move on.

Step three

There’s a bit more to be done here but it will soon be over. Start off by declaring your permanent address and your mobile number. Now you need to set two security questions and there’s a wide choice.

Mother’s Maiden Name is a common selection. You could enter your favorite team but if you don’t want to admit to being a Jets fan, that’s OK. Why not tell us your favorite color or the model of your first car.

Set those questions and then tick some boxes regarding notifications and acceptance of terms and conditions. We’ll do a quick verification check and, if everything is in order, you’ll be confirmed as a Unibet customer.

The final section sounds longer but it’s mainly a tick-box exercise. Just make sure you’re happy with everything before clicking away.

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How to make deposits and
withdrawals at live casinos

You can add funds and withdraw them later using a number of methods. Bank cards are popular for many of our customers and you can easily get started if you have a VISA or Mastercard.

Head to the button marked deposit, enter your card details and choose an amount. Click to confirm and you’re ready to go. For Paypal and other eWallets deposits on our live casino, it’s all about adding your account number and depositing via that source.

All deposits are secure and it’s a similar process for withdrawals. The point to remember is that you must have previously used a specific payment method for a deposit if you want to withdraw back to it.

Remember that help is at hand if you need it but this is another simple process. Transactions should be instant and you will be ready to hit the live dealer rooms in a matter of minutes.

Deposit limits in unibet's live casino

Every payment option on the list carries a minimum deposit of $10. At the top end of the scale, you can add $10,000 as a maximum but we realize that many players won’t be comfortable with that level.

That’s why it’s possible to set your own deposit limits. Unibet support responsible gambling and this is all part of that process. To set and adjust your limits at any time, just log in and click on your account profile.

Casino New Player Offer

$10 free &
$500 Deposit Match

What live casino games can
I play on Unibet?

Most online casino games can transfer easily to the live casino area. The only real exception is online
slots but, if your preference is for any of the following, we have you covered.

Live roulette:

Roulette games are perfect fits for the live casino. The drama of the ball traveling around the wheel before landing in a numbered pocket is ideal for the live rooms.

All the regular versions of the game are here. American, European and French Roulette take center stage but there are some quirky alternatives when you play live roulette.

Live Blackjack:

Blackjack is a classic battle of player versus dealer and it’s all the more exciting when that dealer is an actual human being.

This is a simple game to follow but, if you need to brush up on the rules, full playing guides are published. It’s a race to 21 points with the aim of beating the live dealer in the process.

Classic versions of the game are available in our live rooms or you can play live blackjack with a twist. Multihand options allow you to go in with more ammunition. There are additional versions where side bets can be made on the score of the first two cards or whether those cards form a pair.

Live poker:

Strategy and the ability to think quickly and clearly make poker one of the most popular card games around. Games using traditional software are available but the live rooms help to add an extra level of excitement.

Texas Hold’em is the most played live poker game around and we have seats available for this common version. Want to speed things up? Try three card poker where the aim is to make the best hand from just three cards.

Many live poker games are a straight battle between player and dealer. The action is fast paced and the live dealers add that touch of realism.

Other live casino games:

Live Baccarat is another popular card game and it’s available to play with our live dealers. In a similar way to blackjack, the rules require you to hit certain numbers but baccarat has its own unique scoring system.

Other live dealer games employ a wheel of fortune. The dealer spins the wheel and players speculate on where it will land. Monopoly Live is a good example. Wait for the wheel spin and bet on segments. If the wheel lands on 2 rolls or 4 rolls, Mr Monopoly gets out of his chair and takes us to the classic board.

These are often referred to as Gameshows and are an entertaining part of our live dealer rooms.

What are Live casino bonuses?

A live casino bonus is a promotion that can add a little value to your account. Unibet traditionally publish a welcome bonus as a thank you for coming on board. Like all promos, this can be subject to change, but it’s all about giving something back.

What types of live dealer bonuses are available? These may be free spins, no deposit cash boosts or percentage matches on a deposit. The choice varies but there will always be something to look forward to.

How do you find out about these live casino bonuses? Remember the registration process? When it comes to ticking the final set of boxes, be sure to opt in to receive notifications. You can keep checking the promotions tab of the main website but opting in means you are among the first to hear.

Always check the terms and conditions but remember to look out for our special offers.

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$500 Deposit Match