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How to play live baccarat with
real money in the us?

Many states in the US are starting to legalize live casinos online where you can play live Baccarat.
Here’s how you can play online baccarat with live dealers from the US:

Step 1
Make sure live baccarat is legal in your state

Many states don’t allow gambling in online casino.
Even if online casinos are legal in your state, playing online baccarat with live dealers may not be legal.
If live baccarat is legal in your state, you can play it on a licensed casino like Unibet.

Step 2
Find a legal online casino in your state

Once you are sure live baccarat is legal in your state, visit a legal online casino in your state like Unibet or download their casino app.

Step 3
Join a live baccarat table online

You can join a live baccarat table for free to get a feel for how live baccarat works.
Dealers also often give you the rundown of how to play live baccarat and you can also see a quick tutorial on your game screen.

Step 4
Sign up

If you want to play in an live baccarat with real money you need to sign up.
When you sign up you can make a deposit.
A deposit in an online casino is like buying chips in land-based casinos.
You can sign up on Unibet’s casinos in less than 90 seconds.

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What is Live Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game that has been available at bricks and mortar casinos for decades.
It’s transferred to online casinos and now you can play baccarat with live dealers online.

It follows the regular rules but there is a key difference with the live dealer version.
Instead of automated software managing things, a human being runs the game.

How to play live baccarat

The rules of baccarat are unique.
The object is to hit 9 or to get as close as possible to that figure, Unlike blackjack, there is no possibility of busting in this game so you are always in play.
There are three betting options in live dealer baccarat.

  • Player
  • Dealer
  • Tie

As a player you can bet on your score as the winning hand.
You can also bet on the dealer’s hand or you can stake on a tie.
Next up, you’ll need to understand the scoring system.

  • Cards 2 through to 9 score their face value
  • Cards 10, J, Q and K have no value and will count as zero
  • Aces count as 1 point

Before the hand is dealt, the player chooses their stake.
Two cards are then dealt to each side.
The ideal hand is a perfect 9.
There are several permutations which you’ve probably already worked out.

Of course, many other scores are possible.
If the score goes above 9, the first digit of the score is dropped.
For example, a hand that includes a 9 and an 8 will score 7 rather than 17.
The player and dealer can then:

  • Draw - take another card
  • Stand - stay with the existing score

In live baccarat, this isn’t always optional.
There are specific rules which include:

  • If the player’s total is 5 or less, they must draw a third card.
  • If the player’s total is 6 or 7, they must stand.
  • If the banker’s total is 7, they must stand.
  • If the banker’s total is 2 or less, they must draw a third card.
  • If the banker’s total is 6, they must draw a third card but only if the player’s third card is a 6 or 7.

The rules of live baccarat can look complex to newbies.
Full guides to gameplay are available and the game starts to fall into place after a few hands.

You can’t play live baccarat as a demo version.
While you’re learning the ropes it’s a good ideal to start with small stakes.
Demo games are available with automated software and that could be another option.

What are the different types of live
baccarat games that I can play?

The Baccarat section of our casino is simple to follow.
Other card games may offer titles with twists to the rules but why mess around with a classic? When it comes to playing the game in our live rooms, your option is:

Classic Live Baccarat

It’s baccarat as it was meant to be played.
The player and the banker are in direct competition with the aim of scoring 9, or getting as close to that number as possible.
Bets can be laid on the banker, the player or the tie.
The rules follow the guidelines that we’ve shown above with the stipulations for drawing or standing.

Live baccarat is broadcast using high quality sound and graphics.
The experience is as close as you will get to real life play without leaving home.
There is a chat window where you can make comments and interact with the dealers but remember to keep it focused on the game.

These are professional dealers who are fully trained to run the game in a fair manner.
It’s a great way to experience live baccarat while keeping it professional.

Other Options

Baccarat can also be played with traditional casino software.
It’s all automated with a Random Number Generator (RNG), installed to ensure fair play.

Some players enjoy automated baccarat but it lacks the atmosphere of the live rooms.
One potential benefit is the ability to play it as a demo version before laying down real money stakes.

Whether you stake or play for free, the automated version of baccarat still follows those classic rules.
Aim to score 9 or get as close as possible.
Bet on the player, the dealer or the tie and wait for the hand to play out.

What kinds of Casino bonuses and promotions can I use for live baccarat?

Unibet would like to give you some extra value.
Bonuses and promotions are an important part of what we do.
These will often change but they are there at key stages of your journey.

When you sign up with us, we like to publish a promo as a thank you.
Ongoing offers will then appear on a regular basis moving forward.

Some of those deals are specific to certain games.
You can’t use free slot spins at the poker tables.
Many are available across the board and that includes live baccarat.
Just check the terms and conditions to understand all the rules, including where the bonus can be used.

What promotions are available?
Keep checking the website to find out but there’s lots of different offers.
These may include no deposit cash boosts, free chips or matched credits - known as reload bonuses.
Many can be used for live baccarat so remember to check out the latest news.

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Tips for playing Live baccarat 

At Unibet we got your back.
That's we have these five tips to help step your game when it comes to playing baccarat with live dealers online!

#Tip 1:
Consider betting with the house

Have you heard of the phrase ‘the house always wins’?
There is a house edge in live casino games.
The house will clearly not win every single hand but the edge means that they will have a higher chance of success.

In some games, the house edge is small.
In live baccarat, it’s around 1.06%.
The difference with baccarat is that you can actually bet on the house.

Remember that you can take one of three bets:

  • Player
  • Dealer
  • Tie

Some baccarat players will back the dealer each time.
That is literally all they will do.
The theory is that the house edge will eventually prevail and they will take home a profit.

Clearly there is some risk: The dealer will not win every single hand.
The player could have a good session which results in a hot streak.
Remember the risk but this is a common strategy at the live baccarat tables.

#Tip 2:
Stay in the zone

We know what you’re thinking: If live baccarat is so great why do Unibet still offer the automated version?
Some players like to stay focused on the cards and the stakes.
Live baccarat is great; we are sure of that, but we know that there is a need to stay in the zone. The chat option isn’t for everyone, and the associated background sounds could potentially provide a distraction.

Our advice is to play with small stakes if you’ve never played a live baccarat before.
In a short time, you’ll learn to shut everything out and focus on the cards that are in front of you.


#Tip 3:
Stick to your strategy

It’s always better to go into a live casino game with a strategy in mind.
You may decide to keep backing the dealer.
You can get behind the player or you can mix it up.

Baccarat strategies are down to individual choice.
Experienced players have their own way of approaching the game but they don’t waver from their path.
Betting on an ad hoc basis isn’t ideal so make your plans and stick to them.

#Tip 4:
Balancing your bankroll

Sensible bankroll management should be employed in any casino game.
Live baccarat is no exception to this rule.

What is a bankroll?
It’s simply another term for your account balance.
Many experienced players advocate playing with no more than 10% of that balance in a session.
We promote responsible gambling and are fully behind that advice.

#Tip 5:
Keep in touch

You know all about those offers and promotions.
Bonuses appear regularly, and many can be used for Live Baccarat.
You also know that these can change so how do you keep up with the latest promos?

It’s all very simple: When you sign up at Unibet you can opt in for notifications.
You can also go into the settings tab in your account to change this at any time.
Latest offers can then be sent via email and SMS.
If you don’t want to opt in, just remember to keep checking the promos tab of the website.

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