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How to play live blackjack with
real money in the us?

Many states in the US are starting to legalize live casino games including live Blackjack.
Here’s how you can play online blackjack with live dealers from the US:

Step 1
Make sure live blackjack is legal in your state

Gambling in an online casino isn't legal in every state.
Even if online casinos are legal in your state, playing online blackjack with live dealers may not be legal.
If live blackjack is legal in your state, you can play it on a licensed casino like Unibet.

Step 2
Find a legal online casino in your state

Once you are sure live blackjack is legal in your state, visit a legal online casino in your state like Unibet or download their casino app.

Step 3
Join a live blackjack table online

You can join a live blackjack table for free to get a feel for how live blackjack works.
Dealers also often give you the rundown of how to play live blackjack and you can also see a quick tutorial on your game screen.

Step 4
Sign up

If you want to play in an live blackjack with real money you need to sign up.

When you sign up you can make a deposit. A deposit in an online casino is like buying chips in land-based casinos.

You can sign up on Unibet’s casinos in less than 90 seconds.

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What is Live Blackjack?

Live blackjack plays to the regular rules of this classic casino card game.
The difference lies between who you play with.
Instead of an automated software, you play live blackjack with real dealers who shoot the game in real time from a studio.

While some online blackjack games provide twists to regular rules, the aim is the same.
Using blackjack’s scoring system, the target is to hit 21, or get as close to that as possible without going over.

If your hand beats the dealer, you win the pot.
If it’s a tie or the dealer wins, the bet is lost.
You can play again or choose to step down and end the session.

How does live blackjack work?

Live blackjack games are broadcast directly from studios.
Using high quality sound and graphics, a trained dealer deals cards on these blackjack tables while the game is steamed in real time.

The card shuffling process is automated to ensure fair play.
An opening round of betting takes place and two cards are now dealt to each side - player and dealer.

The player’s cards will be face up.
One dealer card is face up and the other is face down. You must assess the situation and choose between one of two options.

● Hit: Take another card
● Stand: Stay with the cards that have been dealt

You can continue to hit.
If you go over a score of 21, you lose and the round ends.

If you are on or under 21, it’s over to the dealer.
The dealer undergoes the same Hit or Stand process.
When they have finished, the you or dealer is declared as the winner.

It’s important to understand the scoring system in live blackjack.

● Cards 2 through to 9 score their face value
● Cards 10, J, Q and K score ten points
● Ace scores either 1 or 11

The ace’s score is down to the player.
If you were to draw a ten and an ace, you will want that ace to count as 11.
This completes a perfect blackjack score of 21.

Those are the basic rules of live dealer blackjack.
Full guides to gameplay are published but those are the elementary mechanics.

What are the different types of live
blackjack games that I can play?


Classic Live Blackjack:

This is live dealer blackjack in its purest form.
There are no frills and no quirks to gameplay.
Live Blackjack is the race to 21.
Using the basic rules, it’s a straight battle between the player and dealer.

If you’re new to the live rooms this is the perfect place to start.
When you’re ready to try something different, there are possibilities.
Sign up to play live blackjack with real money.

Infinite Blackjack:

The word ‘infinite’ in Infinite Blackjack refers to the number of players.
In some live blackjack games, you may find that all the seats are occupied.
No-one wants to wait too long to play a hand of cards.

The wait may not be lengthy, and the tables may well be clear.
If there is any chance of a delay, Infinite Blackjack provides the answer.
There is no upper limit on the amount of players that are involved so you will always get a seat. Each player is dealt the same cards initially.

You don’t have to follow the herd from this point.
The choice of splitting, hitting or standing is down to the individual player.
The hand plays on until everyone has completed and winners are declared.

Eagles blackjack:

Eagles Blackjack is special to all of us at Unibet.
It’s part of the first ever set of pro sports themed casino games in the US.
You can also play the Eagles Online Slot but let’s focus on the live blackjack game.

You’ll have guessed by now that it’s based on the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team.
If you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan you can still play.
If you follow any other team in the NFL, we hope you’re still with us.

Based on classic blackjack rules, the Eagles game is currently specific to Pennsylvania but it could be a groundbreaker that gets replicated across the US.

What types of Casino bonuses and promotions can I use for playing live blackjack?

When you sign up with Unibet, we are likely to thank you by issuing a welcome promotion.
This is subject to change but you can find out the latest offers just by clicking on the homepage.

There may be a no deposit cash bonus.
Free chips can sometimes be issued.
Matched bonuses on deposits could also appear.

The majority of these promotions are available to use on our live casinos in the US.
Check the terms and conditions in full.
It should be clear if the bonus is available in the live rooms.
If it is, choose blackjack or your other favorite live casino games and use up that promo.

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Tips for playing Live blackjack 

At Unibet we got your back.
That's we have these five tips to help step your game when it comes to playing online blackjack with live dealers!

#Tip 1:
Trial with small steps 

If the concept of playing with blackjack with a live dealer is a new one for you, we recommend a slow start.
You can’t play live blackjack for free but you can start with small stakes.

This is still a new concept in the industry and many players are just starting to play live blackjack in the US.
Before you gain that experience, keep your exposure down and play with those small stakes

#Tip 2:
Don't Get Distracted 

It’s not possible to talk directly with the dealers but there are chat windows. Remember that many other players will be at the table.

You can’t see them but they’re there.

The chat window allows players to interact.
If you want to make comments that’s fine but keep it professional.
Most players like to keep clear of the chat option as it can be distracting. All that really matters is the cards in front of you.

Chat windows come down to personal preference.
Our advice is to find out what works for you but stay focused and don’t get distracted.

#Tip 3:
keep tabs on your bankroll

Any card game that has a strategic element requires you to stay in control.
Keep to a plan in terms of hitting and standing while blackjack with live dealers online.

Gameplay strategies are important but you also need to keep in control of the funds behind them.

The bankroll is another term for your account balance.
It’s the money available to you at each session. Now, we all want to promote responsible gambling.
Part of that approach relates to how much of your bankroll you should use.

We certainly don’t want to blow it all in one hit.
Opinions will vary, depending on who you ask. Most players will look to play with 10% of their bankroll in any session.

If you have $200 in your account, that means staking $20. Don’t look to chase your losses. If you’re having a good day at the live dealer blackjack tables, don’t assume that this will continue.

Do the math, identify the percentage bankroll available and stick to that figure.

#Tip 4:
Form your strategy

When do you hit and when do you stand?
What about splitting?
Should you split on every single pair?

These questions are fundamental to blackjack. Each player will have an opinion that they’ve built up over time.
We could sit here and tell you to always split on eights and stand on 17 but nothing is guaranteed.

There are obvious paths to follow when you play live blackjack online.
If you draw two aces then you should obviously split.

The chances of drawing a ten or picture card on your next hit are high. Also, no-one is going to advise you to hit on 19.

Beyond that elementary advice, you should work things out for yourself.
Establish your pattern of play and work out your own strategies.

This will come with experience and you can continue to work with those small stakes until you nail it.

#Tip 5:
look for some promos and offers for live blackjack online

We’ve talked about live blackjack bonuses and promotions.
They can add value to your account and we don’t want you to miss out.
When you register for a new Unibet account, you can decide whether to opt in for notifications.

The choice is yours.
If you agree, you will be among the first to hear about our latest promos.
If you decline, you will need to keep checking the promotions tab of our website.

You can change this setting at any time in your account.
Whatever you decide to do, be sure to keep in touch with those offers and promos for live blackjack.

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