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How to play Online Multi-hand blackjack with
real money in the us?

Many states in the US are starting to legalize online casino games and including online Blackjack.
Here’s how you can play multi-hand blackjack with real money from the US:

Step 1
Make sure online multi-hand blackjack is legal in your state

Many states don’t allow gambling in online casino.
Even if online casinos are legal in your state, playing online multi-hand blackjack maybe illegal there.
If online multi-hand blackjack is legal in your state, you can play it on a licensed casino like Unibet.

Step 2
Find a legal online casino in your state

Once you are sure multi-hand blackjack is legal in your state, visit a legal online casino in your state like Unibet or download their casino app.

Step 3
Practice playing multi-hand blackjack online

Get a feel for the casino and check out the demo version of their online multihand blackjack games.
On Unibet you can play many our online multi-hand blackjack games for free.
Once you’re ready, you can start playing blackjack with real money!

Step 4
Sign up

If you want to play in an multi-hand blackjack with real money you need to sign up.
When you sign up you can make a deposit.
A deposit in an online casino is like buying chips in land-based casinos.
You can sign up on Unibet’s casinos in less than 90 seconds.

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What is multi-hand blackjack?

Multi-hand blackjack is a game that runs to the classic rules of blackjack.
The aim is to hit a score of 21, or get as close to it as possible.

If the player goes over 21, the hand is lost.
If their hand is 21 or lower and they beat the dealer, they will win.
The difference between this and regular blackjack lies in the name.
The Multi-hand aspect allows you more than one hand.

How does online multi-hand blackjack work?

How does Multi-hand Blackjack Work?
Before each hand is dealt there is a round of betting.
Choose the stake that you are comfortable with and click on the betting area.

The cards are now dealt.
Two cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer.
Both player’s cards are face up.
On the dealer’s side, one card is face up and the other is face down.

The player now has a choice. Do they:

● Hit - take another card
● Stand - stay with the cards that they have been dealt

Remember the aim of the game.
Players are looking to score 21 or get as close to that mark as possible.
If they beat the dealer, they win the hand.

It’s time for a quick recap on the scoring system in multi-hand blackjack:

● Cards 2 through to 9 are worth their face value
● The 10 and the three picture cards - J, Q and K - are all worth ten points
● The Ace can be worth either one or eleven

Two factors will influence the decision.
Obviously, the player’s cards are the first to consider.
If they have been dealt two picture cards, there is little point in taking a hit.
Probability dictates that they will go over 21 on the next card and bust.

If the score is nine for example, it’s obvious that the player will need to hit.

The dealer’s upturned card should also be considered.
If it’s an Ace, there is a high probability that they will hit blackjack.
If the card is mid-range such as a six, it may not be as competitive.

The hit and stand process can continue until one of two things happens.

● The player busts
● The player hits 21 or close to that mark and is happy with their hand

It’s now over to the dealer.
The dealer’s face down card will be revealed.
They will also go through the hit and stand process.

When all is complete, the two hands are assessed, and bets will be won or lost.

Like all classic blackjack games, this is a battle between player and dealer.
There are no additional opponents to take care of.
Remember that you will need to beat the dealer’s hand to scoop the pot. A tie isn’t enough.

With Multi-hand, the clear difference is in the name.
Games will vary but players may typically be able to play with up to three hands in one round of dealing.

What are the different types of online
blackjack games that I can play?

Classic Multi-hand Blackjack:

The clue is already here.
A game with ‘Multi-hand’ in the title tells you that you are able to play at Blackjack tables with more than one hand.
Click on the game, take to the table and choose the number of hands that you want to play with.
This is a game that follows the classic rules.
There are no twists or quirks to this title.
It’s multi-hand blackjack as it was meant to be played

Online blackjack with side bets:

There are blackjack games online where you can place side bets.
These are separate to the main game and can payout even if you lose the overall hand.

777 Blazing Blackjack is a good example of this.
It’s a game that can pay side bets if at least one 7 lands in the opening deal.
Side bets are optional in any blackjack game that includes them.
Assess your options and decide whether you want to play the game with this subtle twist.

Blazing 7's Blackjack

Blazing 7s also has a Multi-hand option.
You can opt to take 1, 2 or 3 hands.
This is another game that follows standard blackjack rules.
Get to 21 or close to it while beating the dealer and you win.
The twist is provided by a side bet based on the number of sevens dealt in the opening hand.
This is optional but there is potential for a progressive jackpot

Live Dealer Multi-hand Blackjack:

You can also play multi-hand blackjack with live dealers online.
Players can take on more than one hand in certain games at our live casino.
Instead of automated software, there is a human being dealing cards in real time.
With high quality sound and graphics added into the mix, there is a great experience in the live casino room.
Note that demo play is not available on live games but you can start with small stakes.

What types of Casino bonuses and promotions can I use for playing multi-hand blackjack online?

Unibet is generous with bonuses and promotions.
There are lots of casinos out there and we want to thank you for playing with us.
Offers will vary but you can expect to see one when you sign up.

Stay in touch and other deals can drop into your inbox.
These could include, free chips, free spins, matched deposits or no deposit cash boosts.

Most of these promos cover all games on the platform.
Only a few will be specific to a certain game.
That means that many will be available for Multi-hand blackjack.

How will you know?
All bonuses should be clearly marked but we suggest checking the terms and conditions.
You can study the rules in full and establish whether or not the offer can be used for Multi-hand blackjack.

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Tips for playing Multi-hand blackjack Online

We’ve given you the bare bones of playing multi-hand blackjack online, but it doesn’t seem fair to release you into
the wild just yet. 
There are no guarantees, but these tips are intended to help you in your ongoing multi-hand blackjack journey.

#Tip 1:
Try it Out

All our automated casino games can be played as a trial version and that includes multi-hand blackjack
Just click on the demo play button and you can trial it for free.

If you’re already a regular blackjack player, you’ll have no issues with the concept of a second hand.
If you’re new to the game or returning after a break, demo play can be your best option.

You can get used to the rules: You can test out some strategies.
All of this is done without risking a single cent.
When you’re confident enough, you can move on to playing multi-hand blackjack with real money.

#Tip 2:
Find your comfort level

Remember that you don’t have to go ‘all in’.
It’s not compulsory to play with the maximum number of hands in Multi-hand blackjack.

You can even begin with just a single hand if you want to.
Multi-hand blackjack games enhance your chances of winning but they also increase exposure. There is a chance that you will win all your hands but they may also lose.

It’s all about finding your comfort levels.
Start small with two hands and then start to build up some confidence.
If you want to take on more hands, that’s fine.
Remember to also find your preferred stake level.
A bet is required on each hand.

#Tip 3:
Know when to split

When we talk about splitting in blackjack we’re not suggesting you should leave the table. Splitting is an option when you are dealt two cards of the same value.
When this happens, you have the option to literally split the cards.
Now you have two separate hands.

Opinion varies but it’s recommended that you always split on:

● A pair of Aces
● A pair of Tens
● A pair of Jacks
● A pair of Queens
● A pair of Kings

The probability of drawing at least one ten is high.
This will give you blackjack at 21 or a high score of 20.

Outside of these options, the choice is yours but the chances of a high hand are reduced. Splitting is another strategy that you can look to develop while in free demo play.

#Tip 4:
Practice Effective Bankroll Management 

This is a useful tip for any casino game.
Multi-hand blackjack players can also benefit from effective bankroll management.
What is a bankroll?
It’s simply another term for your account balance.
It’s the amount of money that you have at your disposal when you step up to the blackjack table.

We’d like you to play with just a fraction of that balance.
Unibet promote responsible gambling and experienced players have our back on this.
How much is the ideal amount?
Conventional wisdom focuses on the 10% rule.
Look to play with 10% of that bankroll in any single session.

Work out the math and stick to that number.
If you’re having a bad day, walk away.
If you’re on a winning streak, the advice is the same - just walk away.
The Multi-hand blackjack tables will still be here when you’re ready to return for another hand.

#Tip 5:
Remember your offers and promos for multi-hand blackjack

We don’t want you to miss out on any bonuses.
Promotions can add value to your Unibet balance and it’s important to stay in touch.
Don’t be a stranger, just remember to opt in for notifications when you sign up.
If you are already here, you can change your notifications in your account settings at any time.

You don’t have to opt in: We’re cool about it.
But if you choose not to receive our updates, just remember to check the promos page of our website for all the latest news.

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