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How to play Megaways slots with real
money in the us?

One of the most popular varieties of online slots are Megaways slots.
Players love spinning these slots because of their high payouts and crazy features.
Here’s how you can play Megaways slots with real money from the US in four easy steps

Step 1
Make sure Megaways slots are legal in your state

Many states don’t allow gambling in an online casino.
Even if online casinos are legal in your state, playing megaways slots maybe illegal there.
If megaways slots are legal in your state, licensed casinos like Unibet will offer you the option of playing them.

Step 2
Find a legal online casino in your state

Once you are sure megaways slots are legal in your state, visit a legal online casino in your state like Unibet or download their casino app.

Step 3
Explore the casino

Get a feel for the casino and check out the demo version of their Megaways slots.
On Unibet you can play many our megaways slots online for free to see which slot games you’d like to play with real money!

Step 4
Sign up

If you want to play in an Megaways slot games with real money you need to sign up.

When you sign up you can make a deposit. A deposit in an online casino is like buying chips in land-based casinos. You can sign up on Unibet’s casinos in less than 90 seconds.

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What are Megaways slots?

Megaways is a slot mechanism that was designed by Big Time Gaming.
BTG have trademarked the Megaways name but it’s out on license to other developers.

You’ll generally find six reels in a Megaways slot game.
The difference between these and regular slots is the fact that a different number of symbols can appear on reel positions on each spin.

This means that there can be many more ways to win a cash prize than with other types of slots.
The system employs a random reel modifier so the number of paylines on each spin is not predetermined.
A Random Number Generator takes over for the result of each spin.
It’s so random but that means fair play rules.

How do megaways slots work?

The approach to Megaways play is similar to that of regular slots.
There is a reel grid and a choice of stakes between the minimum and maximum points.
Megaways slots can also employ bonus rounds.
Free spins and pick games are part of some titles.

Make sure that you are comfortable with how the game works before you stake.
Now it’s time to take a spin.
As the reels come to rest, the object is to find a matching combination.
In regular slots, there is a fixed number of paylines.
20 or 40 may be a common number.

Because of the Megaways feature, this can be significantly increased.
Some megaways slots have up to 4,096 paylines.
Others extend to 117,649 ways to win in the base game.
Others can be even higher.

The base game can lead to bonus rounds which we’ll cover in a moment.

Special Features in megaways slots

Cascading Reels:
When a winning combination drops in, the matching symbols disappear from the reels.
Replacement images spin in to take their place.
The sequence will continue until no more wins can be found.

Wild Symbols:
A wild symbol is present in many slot games and the Megaways titles are no different.
A wild has the ability to replace other base game symbols and form a winning match where possible.

Free Spins:
A free spins bonus is attached to many Megaways slot games.
These will all work in different ways but they are generally activated by a scatter symbol.
A scatter symbol cannot be replaced by a wild. It gets its name because it doesn’t have to match along a payline.
As long as enough scatters drop into view, the free spins round will activate.

As the name suggests, these spins are free and will not deduct from your bankroll
There is the potential for other bonus rounds.
Expanding wild symbols, wheel of fortune games and random rewards can also drop.
Megaways slots have that capacity to provide extra paylines.
Beyond that, their bonus features can be similar to most slot games.

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What are the most popular Megaways Slots in the US 

On Unibet we like to have your back.
That's why we decided to share these
top 5 Megaways slots to help you
get a bang for your buck!
Please keep in mind that these metrics may change and vary by region.

Atlantis Megaways slot:

StudioRelax Gaming
Max payout8641x
Ways to WinUp to 117,649
Min bet amount$0.20
Max bet amount$25
Volatility Very High
Divine Fortune Megaways on Unibet USA

Divine Fortune Megaways Slot

Max payout38000x
Ways to WinUp to 117,649
Min bet amount$0.10
Max bet amount$50
Volatility Medium
Wheel of Fortune Megaways on Unibet USA

Wheel of Fortune Megaways:

Max payout80,100x
Ways to Winup to 1,000,000
Min bet amount$0.20
Max bet amount$3
Volatility High
Fruit Shop Megaways Slot on Unibet USA

Fruit Shop Megaways:

Max payout20,000x
Ways to Winup to 117,649
Min bet amount$0.20
Max bet amount$100
Volatility High
Raging Rhino Megaways

Raging Rhino Megaways Slot:

StudioSG Digital
Max payout12,500x
Ways to WinUp to 117,649
Min bet amount$0.20
Max bet amount$20
Volatility High

What types of Casino bonus and promos can I use on Megaways slots?

Bonuses and promotions can appear at all stages of your journey.
Unibet will look to publish a welcome offer while ongoing promos can appear for the life of your account.
They can take many forms: Matched deposits, no deposit cash boosts and free chips have been published.
Free spins at the slots may also be up for grabs.

Most of those promos can be used for Megaways slots but you’ll need to check the terms and conditions.
Free spins could be restricted to a specific game which doesn’t carry the Megaways mechanic.
Those t’s and c’s will also underline the important points that you need to know.
Check them fully but remember that many can be used to play Megaways slots.

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Tips for playing Megaways slots online

Unibet have a wide choice of Megaways slots.
We’ve also been listing slot games for many years and we are genuine experts in the field.

We can’t guarantee you any wins.
Nobody can do that.
But if you read through our tips, you’ll be better equipped when you take on the Megaways slots at our casino.

#Tip 1:
Know the game 

We’ve explained how Megaways slots work but each game is different.
There will be different numbers of paylines in each slot.
Bonus rounds can feature a host of add-ons such as free spins and expanding wilds.

You may know the Megaways concept but it’s important to know how the slot works.
Each slot has a game guide which gives you the lowdown on the mechanics.
Another good approach is to look for demo play.

With demo play, you don’t have to stake a cent.
OK so you won’t win anything but that’s not the point.
Some like to play Megaways slots for free for fun.
That’s cool but there is a serious side.
A few spins of the reels will help you understand the slot in greater depth.

When you’re confident, you can play Megaways slots with real money.

#Tip 2:
Stay within in your limits

We’re now going to talk about bankroll management.
It’s not the most exciting part of this roundup but it could be the most important.

Experienced players talk about effective bankroll management.
A bankroll is your account balance and it’s all about managing how much you stake.
Many of those players will advise that you stake no more than 10% of your bankroll in one slots session.

If you have $100 as a balance, that means playing with ten bucks.
Do the math, work out your own equation and stick to that limit.

It’s all about responsible gambling.
We don’t want you to play though your entire bankroll in one session.
Don’t chase losses and don’t expect a winning streak to continue.

#Tip 3:
Check the rtp

RTP stands for Return to Player.
It’s expressed as a percentage and it shows the amount that players are paid on average.
RTP will vary from slot to slot.
The industry average is around 96%. Some Megaways slots carry higher RTPs than this level while others will be lower.

In general, a Megaways slot with a lower RTP may follow a certain pattern.
Wins may be less frequent but they can be higher when they do land.

Games with higher RTPs have the potential to pay more regularly but wins may be smaller. These are patterns but there will be exceptions.
High RTP games can pay significant jackpot prizes while lower RTP games may keep paying small sums.

RTP levels are worked out by an independent body over many thousands of spins.
Keep those mechanics in mind and study the RTP before choosing a game.

#Tip 4:
Find your favorite

With many Megaways slots to choose from, there can be some confusion.
Most slot players like to trial several games.
In time, they will find their own favorite.

This is where demo play can help.
Testing each title is possible without real stakes.
Personal preference can’t be defined because it’s, well it’s personal to each player.

You might prefer slots with a classic theme.
You may opt for a title that has the most bonus rounds.
You may be struck by the Christmas spirit and click on Santa King.
Take your time to check each one out and you’ll find those that suit your gameplay.

#Tip 5:
Keep in touch

You’re part of the wider Unibet family now and we are happy to have you on board.
As you know, we like to reward our players with bonuses and promotions.
We don’t want you to miss out on these offers and bonuses for Megaways slots!

When you register, there is an option to opt in for notifications.
If you accept, you will be kept up to date with all the latest promos.
You can also change this in your settings at any time.

If you’d rather not opt in that’s OK.
Just remember to keep checking the promotions tab of our website to find out what’s new.

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